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You've probably heard of Lain, of the Wired.
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I didn't know where to post, so I'll just do it here.

Have your heard of lainchan arisuchan systemspace?


lainchan is an insult to Her name

systemspace should redirect to /r/im14andthisisdeep


Of course. Who hasn't heard of lainchan and the former dot jaypee? Systemspace is a "suicide" cult that was originally advertised on lainchan a while ago. If you're on a niche board, you should assume anons there know of the better known ones.


do you know of any others?


wait, other than dangeru


Yeah. Are you Russian?




If you're looking for Lain-themed boards then take a look:
I don't remember if there were any others, but there might be some in there. Probably not any english speaking ones though.

If you're just looking for recommendations, then check out 4taba. It's slow as balls but it's pretty nice.




that list is so big though. It's likely outdated on the day it is released.


These aren't in general lain-themed.


File: 1519954122825.jpg (19.14 KB, 228x239, 800.jpg)

>take a look
To see if there's any lain themed ones.

It's been updated a couple times. It's better than nothing. You got a better list?


is it better than creamy's?




dirty hyak

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