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You've probably heard of Lain, of the Wired.
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File: 1516533695601.gif (252.3 KB, 838x650, 1462005823381.gif)


Since the new wirechan has fucked up, all of the images of Lain are gone from the Lain board.

Here's a Lain gif to enjoy for now.

Love Lain


File: 1520205167457-0.jpg (1.07 KB, 88x125, 1508283877969s.jpg)

File: 1520205167457-1.gif (1.36 MB, 540x556, 1508285120674.gif)

File: 1520205167457-2.gif (258.76 KB, 1000x500, 1519163394668.gif)

Here's some of my Lains.


I wish there was a repository of all these glitch Lains.


That could be done.


File: 1579806706684-0.png (473.63 KB, 894x1055, 1367106685.png)

File: 1579806706684-1.gif (258.76 KB, 1000x500, 5d29f4a3d3fd1d210c0d0b23c3….gif)

File: 1579806706684-2.gif (1.73 MB, 500x352, 7d3f3e7a780e729ca329fa228e….gif)

dont have much but imma just dump it


File: 1579806725264-0.png (383.65 KB, 671x1001, 1367106973.png)

File: 1579806725264-1.png (598.23 KB, 1095x1080, 1367107027.png)

File: 1579806725264-2.png (517.59 KB, 917x1048, 1367106937.png)

File: 1579806725264-3.png (517.59 KB, 917x1048, 1367106937.png)

File: 1579806725264-4.png (383.65 KB, 671x1001, 1367106973.png)


File: 1579806793766-0.png (251 KB, 598x923, 1367107702.png)

File: 1579806793766-1.png (559.93 KB, 1178x1080, 1367107270.png)

File: 1579806793766-2.png (364.96 KB, 863x1080, 1367107333.png)

Sorry for the duplicates. I fucked up.


File: 1581277147767.gif (1.74 MB, 332x332, lain_28937427834.gif)


Also, nice, is that your own edit?


oh my god people still come here?


File: 1582934363948.png (141.6 KB, 390x300, Huh.png)

Seems like it.


File: 1612816935355.png (344.31 KB, 728x502, SEL184.png)


File: 1613423926712.png (107.09 KB, 256x256, 68de74dbb778a443c48183867c….png)


File: 1613424033727.jpg (102.4 KB, 1920x1080, Lain.jpg)


File: 1613424116951.jpg (89.18 KB, 1520x1080, 1612679378785.jpg)


File: 1613424192104.png (1.45 MB, 2560x1920, d24tomz-2206e817-a163-432f….png)


File: 1613615678570.png (1.37 MB, 1080x896, 1613366182016.png)



File: 1613681840097.gif (2.42 MB, 1005x742, lain-watches-you.gif)

Is that what they call a lainting?




File: 1614128022104.png (285.62 KB, 520x678, 1613278028455.png)


File: 1614128251576.png (206.58 KB, 831x622, 1613273968689.png)


File: 1614128417829.jpg (94.59 KB, 1300x1200, 1613856995198.jpg)


File: 1614128849613.jpg (34.76 KB, 361x768, 1614121151355.jpg)


File: 1616465634546.jpg (384.39 KB, 1080x1620, picture_1616423587.jpg)


File: 1616465856132.jpg (107.03 KB, 991x756, picture_1616423206.jpg)

I think lain looks cute with a heart crown.


File: 1616553599303.jpg (157.61 KB, 640x452, tmp-cam--1083668712.jpg)


File: 1616553932913.png (380.82 KB, 629x483, 1508048598636.png)


File: 1617361931685.jpg (134.34 KB, 774x513, 1518913535463-1.jpg)


File: 1617660495145.jpg (31.4 KB, 360x630, 9eb95c6f4d92335055e26e502a….jpg)




I know right its almost like people like coming here.


File: 1619554535666.jpg (184.78 KB, 442x640, tmp-cam--522296530.jpg)

They certainly do but they dont visit this place regularly tho.


File: 1619555424906.jpg (308.92 KB, 2048x1536, 1618752452890.jpg)


File: 1619595985827-0.jpeg (61.38 KB, 736x736, EjSPwGgWsAEWaTQ.jpeg)

File: 1619595985827-1.jpeg (44.96 KB, 704x530, CwYQWgeWQAMOHzc.jpeg)

File: 1619595985827-2.jpeg (34.84 KB, 704x530, CwbgK8qWEAEwiiI.jpeg)

File: 1619595985827-3.jpeg (43.26 KB, 704x530, Cwd1MtRWgAAjA-n.jpeg)

Let us all love Lain…


File: 1619596126791-0.jpeg (45.93 KB, 704x530, CwmJn4aW8AIwIJQ.jpeg)

File: 1619596126791-1.jpeg (246.58 KB, 1784x1470, D2t5IS0XcAEJKcj.jpeg)

File: 1619596126791-2.jpeg (90.08 KB, 1800x800, EcWv_-1XsAAIbeL.jpeg)

File: 1619596126791-3.jpeg (162.96 KB, 1080x720, EbSi-RMWoAcpO-E.jpeg)


File: 1619596205298-0.jpeg (424.41 KB, 2000x1701, EB0hPYuXUAAoAmu.jpeg)

File: 1619596205298-1.jpeg (70.97 KB, 1440x1080, EYRJycsWoAAxonl.jpeg)

You've probably heard of Lain, of the Wired.


File: 1619596217924-0.jpg (44.96 KB, 434x595, vel_16_w434_h595.jpg)

File: 1619596217924-1.jpg (1.8 MB, 2546x3428, scan59.jpg)


File: 1625945266297.jpg (263.49 KB, 350x494, 20210708_190754.jpg)


I thought the skater was Terry A. Davis at first..


File: 1625963504985.png (1.47 MB, 795x1024, lain terry.png)

that would have been so rad


File: 1626103209862.png (179.58 KB, 447x316, unknown-1.png)

>they dont know


File: 1626390441156.jpg (155.25 KB, 1200x1012, drain gang.jpg)

lain drained lolmao


Its never coming back isn't it…


what are you talking about?


File: 1626811179565.jpg (22.96 KB, 703x434, grain.jpg)


kooks, kooks everywhere


Lmao is that the nigga from Heavens Gate



it was the perfect niche filler i heard they wanna bring it back in a more forum type way


may lain give me strength


File: 1631168554186.gif (528.71 KB, 480x366, 1631162208261.gif)


File: 1632049393453.png (1.15 MB, 1920x1080, 1631908685893.png)


It came back for like 3 months then down again, I think he got a real job.



I miss it so much it hurts


One day…

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