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You've probably heard of Lain, of the Wired.
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i loved my first view of the show, but a few episodes in i started to feel like a deeper connection in lain. i saw myself in her, in some way. i don't know if it makes sense, but whatever.


The anime where the main character with distant parents cannot exist in the real world has a split personality and chooses to harakiri so that her circle of friends can have a normal life.

Yeah sounds about right.


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ngl it would be so sexy to wear Lain's night-dress and do computer maintenance on the floor(DO NOT LEWD THE LAIN)


>I have to be the same gender as someone to be able to identify with them.


I doesn't make sense at all.


OP must be riffing off of the "Lain is for trannies" meme
Big implications if he isn't


Why do you wanna cut it off?


i think you can identify or even self insert into a character regardless of gender. wouldn't have gotten a tranny insinuation from the OP


I would agree, except for the subject line.


Normally, I wouldn't judge what characters people connect with. On some level, we should be able to connect with most characters in a piece of media, especially main characters. It's what make a story engaging and what makes us come back episode after episode. However, you are telling us that, as a man, you relate to a school girl, afflicted with rampant mental illness, who has almost no friends, and who willing deletes herself from existence. This is gonna sound like a boomer statement; but, unplug from the internet for a while. Idk go talk to real people or like go on a camping trip over the weekend. Shit, even just go on a short hike or read a book while not on the wired. If SEL, a depressing and confusing anime, is telling you to become trans, you're probably not trans.


>who willing deletes herself from existence.
I'm not OP but that was the most relatable for me. Not just that she removes herself, but also every memory and trace of herself. That's my idea of nirvana.


i did read the subject though am apparently blind
hope OP comes gets a grip on reality. sometimes you just need change to be happy at least OP has understood this regardless of being caught in the tranny zeitgeist


Yeah like a new haircut or a rearrangement of your lurking station, not cutting off your peepee


Nigga thats a toaster shower not nirvana


As I said: she doesn't just kill herself, she removes all traces of her existence, as if she never existed to begin with. Electrocuting myself won't achieve that.


But she does exist in the wired and while no one else does SHE knows and it will stay with her forever




was thinking a new job or hobby but sure


what kind of job/hobbies do you currently have?

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