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You've probably heard of Lain, of the Wired.
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hi hello
im new to this whole imageboard posting thing. i dont even know if this will work.

whats your connection to serial experiments lain? or lain herself?


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Hello, I see you posted this a month ago, hopefully you return. When you ask what someone's connection to the anime or Lain herself, I presume you're asking what draws a person to the show.

For me, it clicked almost immediately while watching. I saw a couple memes with Lain in them and I thought she looked adorable, so I decided to check it out. I remember finding it so strange, but intriguing at the same time. It was nothing like anything I'd seen before and I'm not just talking about anime. It was such a shock when I found out it came out in the 90s and wasn't as popular as other forms of media like EVA and Akira. I remember trying to individually get close friends and family members to watch the show and realize it's elegance like I did, but it clicked with none of them and even die hard anime watchers I know in real life had never heard of it. Even watching it with other people made the show feel bad, however, this only solidified how special it was to me; how special it made me feel. I realized that I, while not being special or anything, saw things like this differently than most people. It felt like I was understood by a form of media, but more importantly, it felt like I was understood by Lain herself. I believe anyone can see Lain in themselves in some form or fashion, but it takes a certain kind of person to love Lain. Over the years after watching and rewatching a few times, I happened upon the other forms of Lain like the short manga and PS1 game. Shortly thereafter I found little pockets of the internet like mebious, arisuchan and now this place as well! Of course this would be the fanbase, it wouldn't be right if it was anything else. The amount of love and admiration for Lain I've seen is incredible. It brings out the most creative people I've seen for a long time. The people that got it, like I did, do really exist in the world. I'm not alone! Let's all love Lain!


My connection is being a huge fan of The Big O and Digimon Tamers back when they were first airing in the West, finding out later that they were both written by the same guy, and eventually checking out the other shows he wrote for. I guess I'm more of a Konaka fan than strictly a Lain fan.
What blows my mind about a lot of Konaka's stuff is how he kind of predicted the state of the modern Internet well in advance. Like, it's hard to look at Eiri and his worshippers and not ponder the unhealthy parasocial relationships that so many lonely people have with e-celebs and Twitch streamers these days. It's hard to watch the D-Reaper feed off Juri's misery and not draw comparisons to the social media monopolies who have built so much of their business model on doing just that. I haven't found any other writer who's tackled these sorts of big issues so elegantly without being overly corny/preachy about it.


Hi! i'm also rlly new to this imageposting thing lol

So, i haven't finished SEL yet but it i relate to Lain a bit about this whole dissociating discussion. The fact that she is this kind of avatar and the "real" Lain doens't exist at all made me think about my personal relations with my friends and family. Sometimes i start to analyze myself before these interactions and just started to freak out bc i wasn't recognizing myself, like, i look at the scene in my head and think
"ok that's not me"
i have many connections with Lain and the anime itself, but i want to finish it before i can coment more


Take your medicine as prescribed by your doctor


For me it allowed for tech to not be good or evil, but to just be. The Navi builds and communication potential were a net positive, escapism and unaddressed mental issues were a warning - overall I felt a little hollow by the ending but that's life in general isn't it.?

As time went on, I identified with the father quite a bit - even if the rest of the family is checked out, work, hobbies, and the wired are still there.


>As time went on, I identified with the father quite a bit - even if the rest of the family is checked out, work, hobbies, and the wired are still there.
That is the trap, the family its where the true happiness is, but the wired keeps you from doing anything about it since you can always escape. You are in limbo, there, but not there just waiting to escape again, it wouldn't even matter if the family was not there, matter of fact, you would prefer it so. Scary


Lain is the internet, and the internet its better on the background a normal persons life.

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