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You've probably heard of Lain, of the Wired.
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Anyone know where to get the concept art? I just have a folder full of these thumbnail-tier screenshots from one of the DVDs. There's a substantial overlap with the cels scan collection (https://fatchan.org/lain/thread/222.html) and a little with "Visual Experiments Lain" but some, like the alien, are unique to these.
Also, totally unrelated as far as I know but does anyone know where to get a full scan of "Scenario Experiments Lain"? For the past few years I've taken a good look around for it every eight months or so, but I've only come up with the first "chapter" in late 2021 by sheer luck.


Keep looking lainbro


I will, but I haven't gotten any closer yet. I need help.


File: 1651027549555.jpg (285.41 KB, 623x693, 2022-04-26-080823.jpg)

I have the settei book and I'm scared to scan it because it might fuck up the pages (I have an obsession with keeping any lainshit in pristine quality).
If anybody can tell me how to publish those without bending the book I'll post it here.
Pic is not the settei book but an additional one with extra content about how they restored the bluray this comes with to HD.


Hey man, thanks. You would probably need dedicated hardware to do a proper harmless scan (I never fancied photocopier scans anyway), but you can probably get a good enough result with a smartphone and an app like GeniusScan. This is my first time hearing the term settei.


There's a bunch of lain artwork available on eanlib:

Judging by the name "LainPack1.0" I assume the data is also hosted elsewhere, but I haven't found it.


Should be the original source.
Also look for some torrents. There were a good few on 4chan's/t/.


ackshually That's where I got the OP image to begin with, they're all screenshots from the BluRay. I was looking for standalone scans of the book >>1347 pointed out. Thanks though, I did lose six10's site.


File: 1677410538939.jpg (120.86 KB, 1280x956, 14.jpg)

i hope you are still here anon, i found the album!


replying to >>1612


fuck dislexya, >>1262



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