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Why is SEL (or at least Lain herself) getting a resurgence in popularity with "minecraft and monster energy"-type zoomers? I know I can't be the only one who's noticed it, and it's not just because they like anime altogether. These people are as young as 12 or 13 and also are into the "xenogender" trend. What's going on?


Let's all love Lain.


I know that Duvet by Boa was popular on TikTok so maybe that led people to SEL


Wtf!? When was that?


I saw some of them, the people who use it have no idea what SEL is. It's also just a slowed version of duvet. I think there was one pseudofan who said it was a very weird and confusing anime


It is a very weird and confusing anime, especially as perspectives have changed with its predictions coming to pass and it no longer being futurist science fiction, at least not nearly to the extent it was back then.


Maybe I can give insight as a 20 year old zoomer –

I grew up with access to an incredible amount of media. Some people I knew in Highschool had seen beheading videos – these are people who in other generations would've never sought out or seen such things. I likewise wouldn't have seen such things in my youth in other time periods.

This is to say our selves are not limited any more by geography. We grow up in our communities, our households, but we also grow up with the internet, in the internet. We grow up with things we would never hear or see in our community. Kids see porn at the age of five these days, at least sometimes. The old net was more random, but even on the heavily centralized and censored net of today a kid can find porn by accident via ads or random links he clicks on. Kids can still fall down rabbit holes.

So we find things like Lain. Or other niches. Despite nobody recommending it to us. And I'm guessing people around my age, or younger, feel a sort of affinity for the anime due to our own experiences being embraced by the web. So it gets passed around. The surface element of a girl confused and distorted by the web is definitely relatable for many.


I can attest to a similar experience. I had seen worse than beheading videos by the time I graduated high school.

Just somewhat stumbled upon Lain and Technolyze.


Because internet culture and irl culture are blending together.

Ever since the smartphone hit the scene kids had access to it since age 6 or so, energy drinks are the new cigarettes and -gender its the new im not like the other girls/incel.

Its just a new generation, its like how kids used to wear a doors t shirt, its old and part of a culture already so you look quirky, cool and knowledgeable.


When you have an interest for something, you dig down a rabbithole. But when that something suddenly starts to be hyped (like anime nowadays even though most new releases are trash), you feel like other people aren't "true" or "real" fans (which is a philosophical question but in the end anime fandom belongs to nobody). In order to prove that you are more "true" or "real" than hype-zoomer-tier-otakus, you feel the urge to dig down the rabbit hole even more and learn about underground and avantgarde anime that have smaller fandoms.
That is why lain is being hyped now, because it's edgy, weird, avantgarde and gives you a feeling of "only the real #digitalelite will be able to feel this one" which is wrong, kids these days probably feel lain more than 40y/o lurkers, because the internet and the real world actually do blend together nowadays.
For the same reason you get upset that "fake"-tier weebs start to dig out lain, because you feel like it attacks your credibility and it destroys another "filter" which you have in mind in order to seperate "real" otakus (lurkers, neets, IT 1337 rul0rs, altright memers etc.) from "fake" otakus (zoomers, normies, smartphone addicts, ppl who don't care about privacy, netflix enjoyers, soygeneration).

But that is totally understandable and I share your viewpoint op, it's just that lain does not belong to us and neither does the fandom. There is no true realness and no real truth. Let's all love lain.


>>1248 (powers of 2)
I think you got me wrong. I'm not even old enough to drink and I am not getting "upset" that "fake fans" are "hyping" SEL. I think everything you said is true in its own context but you misunderstood the OP, it's as if you're replying to a post that said something completely different.


I like it


Lol now that I think about it, I probably misinterpreted the OP.


There are no more subcultures. Everything is an aesthetic.


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