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You've probably heard of Lain, of the Wired.
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A long time ago another anon told me about a Russian fandub of Lain, he was an avid collector of physical releases and merchandise but never ended up coming back with a torrent like he said he would. That's the only time I could ever get info, is it just a myth or is it out there? I want to believe.


I heard on dv/a/ch that there is a dub by a team already in progress. I am not sure though. You should check the Эксперименты Лэйн NO1 on the archives. People have talked about it there.


Sorry, I got here from fatchan. What's dv/a/ch? And, I can't find the archive, I feel blind.


The /a/-board of dvach (The biggest Russian imageboard lol. Are you even Russian?)
I checked the archive (https://arhivach.net) by myself but it's gone. I should have a copy tho. So if I find I will post it.


>Are you even Russian?
No, American, I forgot all of the Russian I ever learned (which was never much at all). I was just interested in alternate language dubs of this show. I didn't like the English dub at all but I thought the Spanish dub for Latin American TV was really enjoyable. I can't get dvach to load right now but I'll give it a look later.
>So if I find I will post it.
Please do!


>>1172 (OP)
A kinogo search was all it took. The dub is pretty cool.


Damn nigga.


Sorry for the wait.
Check the thread on the keyword "дубляж".


Wow! Thanks guys, I'll surely be sharing this around.


Anyone has this file? Re-upload please. There appears to be only second thread on/a/ board and it has nothing about "дубляж".
Here are all 3 existing Lain tags on 2ch.hk archive:
Onion mirror:


Oh well, just woke up and didn't notice the backlink. Someone forgot to tag the shit.
There are also a very old secret thread on /tr/ board:

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