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You've probably heard of Lain, of the Wired.
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When lain becomes an adult, what do you think happens to her. I like to think that she takes a trip to radioshack from time to time. A man, who likes small robots and listens to bigod 20 or some electro-industrial shit, develops a crush on her. They start talking, lain of course being anti-social through out and they develop feelings for each other. They confess love and she moves in to his place. They get married and have gazillion cyberpunk bebes. They start to hate machines and so they become primitivist and they move out into the Japanese country side. Her cyberpunk bebes grow up and have their own bebes. Her kids become quite adept at robotics and engineering. She is an old anime girl now and she becomes sick after a long life of being around love ones. She happily, surrounded by her loving family and badass cyberborg shit, duh end.


Who's Lain?


She gets fucked in all holes


Did you not see the anime? There's no growing up for Lain, I'm afraid.


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Lain is GOD. She always existed and always will. I dont think that god would start a relationship with only one person. God loves all people. She is probably chillin in heaven and watching us. Gives us the bad and the good things in life. What happens to the souls after death?
Well some get isekaid, some go to paradise/hell and some reach Nirvana. Whatever She wishes for you.


This is something I always wanted clarified.

Is Lain simply the emergent consequence of the system that the Doctor created?
>"she is god/an aspect of god, so of course she would naturally appear in the wired once you connect it to a consciousness/intelligence."
Or is it more like:
>Lain was manufactured to become an aspect/force of a false god but inevitably became an aspect of the one true god
Always confused me



lain its the internet


lain IS protocol 7, lain's physical body is a test tube humanoid created at her current age (from "artificial ribosome"), that's why she's so pale and small and has no memories, created to learn about human socialization on a deeper level than just numerical/statistical analysis would glean, basically to teach protocol 7 human emotions, there's more that i will have to come back
this thread is weird gay fanfic btw, shame on OP, not a deep thinker either

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