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You've probably heard of Lain, of the Wired.
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File: 1586202099123.jpg (693.98 KB, 1200x800, Ten.jpg)


Share your GIMP artworks (glitch-art, collage, effects, …)


Funny how a pedophile chose that image to post.


File: 1586969111746.png (107.62 KB, 418x546, Anti pedo.png)


But you post images of real "child models" on your various mastadon/pleroma/gnusocial accounts. Faggot.
>hurr durr it's actually ephebophilia


File: 1587870658303.gif (3.62 MB, 640x368, MOSHED-2020-4-22-23-3-11.gif)


File: 1588888914587.jpg (100.69 KB, 960x686, 1535496417310.jpg)


File: 1597774707906.jpg (522.67 KB, 408x422, spotlain.jpg)

My first attempt at opening png/jpg files and skadooshing em, I wish to move on to hexediting and datamoshing soon, and will update here with dendeavors


Why only GIMP art ?


What else can be used to create art?


A slice of paper


Euh, a text editor (>>1036),
a programming language,
other art software,
the physical realm (>>1041),
et cetera, et cetera.


My guess is that it's supposed to be a thread about image manipulation art, rather than the type of from-scratch art that you'd make with something like krita, or a pseudo-2D plane of tree flesh. OP probably specified GIMP because it tends to be a go-to image editing program for a lot of people, and it's honestly become the norm to needlessly specify tools when talking about doing a thing (like how if someone wants you to look something up, they'll tell you to "google it," despite not actually having any vested interest in which search engine you use).


File: 1598305315754.jpg (3.51 MB, 1920x1440, MOSHED-2020-7-4-14-33-56.jpg)



File: 1601098168825.gif (710.13 KB, 1080x1623, e-Talia.gif)


Okay, since you think image manipulation art is generally welcome, i'll post mine.

>become the norm to needlessly specify

FYI, this is known as semantic broadening & probably as old as language itself.
I didn't realize GIMP was popular enough to be used like this though.


File: 1606964847416.png (3.54 MB, 1889x1305, plague.png)


Nice, I like it.

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