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What got you into Linux?


4chan's /g/.


ew 4/g/ is terrible


Well, at least it introduced anon to Linux.


The edginess of sticking it to Microsoft.


I dual boot for vidya but honestly switching to Mint as my primary OS was the best decision I ever made

Yeah, still 4chan though kek


I bought a Chromebook for school back in the ninth grade, it was cheap. Wanted to play counterstrike so I used a script from some Google dev to dual boot the thing. Was worth it and I got into linux from there.


When I was a kid, my dad and I put together a computer and set up Kubuntu on it. I'm not sure what inspired him, given he's never really used Linux.


also the customization and a good terminal kek


f r e e d u m b


I first used on a raspi.
I kept getting more into it because of the full range and motion that it gives me when i'm using it.


I read the GPL2, went 'oh, this is cool', and then decided to use linux.

No, seriously. This actually happened.


Years ago my dad showed me ubuntu, I picked up my old laptop with it still dual booting one day and fell down the rabbit hole.


Actually Lain.


My friend convinced me to try and since I like tinkering with shit, I instantly took a liking to it.

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