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File: 1516534332284.jpg (47.43 KB, 640x619, Belinea-monitor19crt.jpg)


Does anyone here still use a CRT?


I've heard they're great for gaming on account of 0 input lag. I've also heard they're bad for your eyes. I don't even have a desktop! :D


>tfw no Sony GDM-FW900
>tfw SED/FED never took off
>I don't even have a desktop! :D
I hate you!


If it is bad for your eyes then you must not absorb enough light anyways. Try sun-gazing and eye rolling for strengthening exercises. I like to use a flash light on my eyelids with my eyes closed.


There are some laying around in the basement of my school.
i wonder if they're trash i could take…


local junkyards and thrift stores never have what I'm looking for and it get's me even more depressed


what're you looking for?


Viable CRT's and maybe some old as shit IBM computers for the hell of it


what do local junkyards and thrift stores have?


I'm still hunting for a good one


If you want some working CRTs hit up your local smash community, they're literally giving them away.




tfw no local smash community


Some monks were throwing theirs away so I got 4 for free.


Is there any advantage to CRT aside from being retro?
Screens are small, but they take a lot of place and I imagine also a lot of electricity.


i just want some free screens honestly


You'll want one if you are into retrogaming since the aspect ratio will be correct and there is no upscaling and so on. Otherwise I don't know why one would still use a CRT. If they are free and you can use them for something then why not though.


File: 1540145218977.jpg (1.51 MB, 2368x4224, IMAG0794.jpg)

Still using my Dell Trinitron, working like a charm.
>Screens are small
This one is pretty big, and it supports 1600x1200 resolution (i use 1280x1024, because that's the highest resolution that can display in 85hz)




Hell yeah! Not mainly of course, but for retro games.


I've been interested in finding one. Haven't used a CRT monitor since 2006. But I have plenty of CRT TVs around me.


Not for PC, but I have one that has all the consoles before Xbox 360 hooked up to it. With the exception of the Wii, which is also hooked up to the CRT just because.


I need to seriously look into getting a CRT. I just honestly would like to have a few for the novelty of it. It's been a very long time since I've used one.

Yeah, I'd say it was around that time as far as my personal use would go. I did however use a few up until around 2010 in other various places outside of my home.


File: 1586526364895.jpg (1012.04 KB, 4032x2272, P1012372.JPG)

I still do.


Cool! What's that figure in the blue dress?


Alice from Shin Megami Tensei.


I use one as my 2nd monitor. It was my family's first monitor, and it still works pretty well. 1280x1024 at 60hz, but i run it at a lower resolution to get 75hz out of it.
I don't use it as a main monitor because I enjoy the sharpness of my 1080p 60hz asus monitor. On my main, my sharpness is at 90/100.


I have 1 or 2, but unfortunately I can't use them because no VGA on computer :^(


no why would i use that


Better coloration.


Grab an adapter. I have an HDMI to VGA and there is also DVI-D to VGA



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