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Have you ever operated a chan?

What does it take, in terms of memory, CPU, bandwidth and disk space to run a chan? Let's suppose it's at wirechan's posting rate.

What software is best? Vichan? Lynxchan?


Something like that.
At this posting rate, a raspberry pi would suffice.


I've had a test chan (using modified dietchan) for a few days, so maybe I can't talk about disk space, but memory usage was really small (a few MBs) and the CPU usage was close to zero (it's not like it wasn't used, over those few days we racked up around 200 posts).


vichan is dogshit and highly over used


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i would like to, but i am dumb as fuck, can you guys help me? please? i wanna install lynxchan, but i don't know much about operating websites. what if i want to run it on my old computer in garage? on my personal network? will i get doxxed or something? help pls


if someone can help me too plz, im strugling so hard


vichan is overrated but so is anything when it sets the standard especially for clones. Lynxchan looks like ass out of the box and its configuration is not for beginners.


what would you recommend me as a c# newbie retard, who knows basically nothing about php, js or so? thanks


If you have to ask, don't run one. I literally owned one when I was 12, it's piss easy. Figure it out yourself.


Write your own.


Use vichan, honestly. Lynxchan is better on a technical level but:

>ugly as sin by default

>developed by a dick
>not as feature rich


no offense but that's bad advice


These days there are more imageboards than imageboard users.


It's a good thing. Instead of having blogs with comments, people run anonymous imageboards.


one: don’t
there are a bazillion chan boards that are all the same


I run a small chan of my own software using php at cchan.cba.pl. It's not hard once you learn the basics of html, css, and php. Making your own is a great way to learn about the software you use and take for granted and its nice to call something your own. I think its better than just using tinyboard or futaba. cba.pl and 000webhost both have free options, but you don't have to cheap out as you can get it for pretty cheap. If you had a good enough computer you could host it yourself with apache or nginx, although i'm not sure if the cost of what you would pay for electricity outweighs the cost of cheap hosting.
Most of them are the same, but it's better to have a small community of people than a huge centralized group. The smaller chans generally do not get as much attention and are more stable, and are shaped more easily by the small amount of people that make up it. I don't mind not having a post every second, as long as I get to stay in my tiny corner of the internet.


Not trying to shill here, but if you would like, come visit me at cchan.cba.pl


post the github


Please don't use ``Github'' as a synonym for source repository.


Shut it, commie.


I wouldn't call what you have a chan. It's hardly any better than a bulletin board from a free hoster. Everyone wants to feel like a hotshot with their own little toy board script. Please go back there and stop polluting my backwater boards. No one wants to hear you preach.
You could compromise and say git. But you probably enjoy slobbering over Jewgle's cock every time you enunciate Google it instead of search for it.


File: 1590712462885.jpg (122.1 KB, 500x333, sjw1.jpg)

>It's hardly any better than a bulletin board from a free hoster.
It is a bulletin board from a free hoster.
>Please go back there and stop polluting my backwater boards.
>im not your average girl


> muh commie
> muh joos
> muh sjw
Fuck off back to 4chan retards


File: 1590746038601.jpg (25.28 KB, 612x410, ewe.jpg)

ewe farming is so easy on this bored


>my backwater boards.
Stop pretending you're some leet hackers in the cyberspace. Ironically, so many lain followers are full of themselves that you can't grasp the full meaning of the show


You were saying how you rolled your own.
There's nothing better to do here but to reply to bait. Nobody really cares about this place.
Nice projection. Nobody likes it when shit is shilled. Being an imageboard doesn't mean free speech extremism. I don't even like lain. Are you a laincel?


File: 1590834340846.jpg (2.42 MB, 3508x4961, sword.jpg)

>I don't even like lain.
Come say that to my face, motherfucker!


Nothing wrong with a little shilling every once in a while
>I don't even like lain. Are you a laincel?
Why don't you like lain? I enjoyed the the show and the topics that it introduced, like surveillance and the wired. I thought this was a technology and anime imageboard. Theres even a Lain board. Is she too loli for you?


File: 1590959264175.jpg (27.99 KB, 322x453, you.jpg)

all you guys are faggots and losers and a are ruining backwater boards with your autistic/incel/neet/ shit it was never about that

your identity is fucking anonymous stop powerleveling and spilling your life all over the internet

>I don't even like lain.
MODS ban please thats like going to an IRA meeting and praising the english


I can help you, message me at XMPP, loin@xmpp.is
I hope its not too late.

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