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Is this true, was it really much more fun to use computers back in the days of mainframes?
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off the meds again


lol your name is fitting


I have a similar experience when discussing ideas. In the tech world it seems to be the goal of others to break the idea down as far as they can, maybe to seem smarter? Or they just genuinely don't think of the applications. I talked with a friend years ago about the iMacs that stand right up, how instead of needing to remove the screen to access the main board they should have designed it too slide out like one large card. He tried to associate this thought with a Nintendo Switch, his plan being that because he associated it with a Nintendo Switch he could discredit the idea as being dumb and childish, I really don't understand his thought process beyond that. It was annoying.


Can relate. Have interacted with certain types who suffer from that mindset and can end up shooting the messenger with unintentional friendly fire if presented with an idea that doesn't fit in nicely with their preconceived notions and of course autism is a thing.
>the iMacs that stand right up
Ugh… I've had to repair a few of those and like a lot of Apple gear they can be annoying to work with. Would have preferred access from the back panel, but would have settled for a main board sliding out. It's not like it would be impossible to implement a feature like that if done well. That even sounds like something Apple would have considered, since they have a certain way of building things because reasons. Wouldn't be surprised if there was some mid level engineer at the fruit factory that's still pissed off to this day because such a proposal was dismissed.


File: 1656266450526.jpg (76.99 KB, 621x495, Lonesome.jpg)

I feel exactly the same way, but I think what you said about the dissolution of family could be applied to communities too, a collection of people where every one is important to the whole someway or another. I've never felt like I belonged anywhere but in my clique of close friends ever since I was in high school, and most people now cling to groups so large that they really have no meaning in them or online "communities" where they are only bound together by some common interest.

Although I guess I might just be a schizoid who, after lurking on image boards like this for 7 years, hasn't posted a single thing. I have always considered myself to be an autodidact instead of socially awkward though. Mostly due to the fact that I do have my 'tribe' in real life. My close friends are a good way for me to share and flesh out my ideas, but they don't engage with me out of compassion, but interest in said topics and trust that we won't just call each other gay and end discussion there.

My 'tribe' I found to be the only outlet left to "forge yourself" guess having like minded friends in real life keeps me from posting on sites like these, where people like us, who are influenced by not exposing ourselves, are forced to learn on their own.
That being said these friends can only get me so far so I often do find myself having to develop my ideas by myself.

Despite everything you said about the thing you think is missing, I say that a real outlet to help define yourself does exist, granted that you may never be able to find it. Gather yourself some like minded people in the real world THEN you can chat with them online. That's the only way I've been able to start and maintain an online relationship of any sort. Put yourself into a program or go to some place regularly where you're forced to be around people and I'm sure you'll be able to find the people you're looking for.

Best of luck,

File: 1516534332284.jpg (47.43 KB, 640x619, Belinea-monitor19crt.jpg)


Does anyone here still use a CRT?
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I have one as 3rd monitor, but the adapter that I recently bought was a scam. 24+1 with only 2 rows of pins topkek. Gonna need to buy another one I guess.


File: 1647160743411.png (1.28 MB, 811x742, URGAY.png)

I used one pretty recently when i (briefly) moved back in with my parents. I had bought a Sony Trinitron from a local classified about 7 years prior for the sum of five dollars. When I originally bought it i learnt that it had belonged to the sellers son whom, i shit you not, had died in a plane crash. I couldn't be arsed taking it with me when i moved out, so i left it at my parents place.

The Trinitron was the only monitor i had. No second screen. Going back to 1280x1020 in current-year -2 is painful if you do anything other than shitpoast on imageboards. Modern applications expect you to be using a widescreen display so the layout on most things is fucked. Ironically 4:3 works works good for a lot of news sites as the margins that are usually occupied by obnoxious ads are cropped off.

Colours were nice (IIRC) but not dick melting when compared to a decent, modern IPS/OLED LCD display.

Would i use a CRT monitor for five dollars? Sure why not. Would i use a CRT monitor for $200+ dollars? fuck no. The "CRT is the best display technology evar" meme was relevant in 2009 when a 22" LCD with good colours and a sub 10ms response time was like $600.

This same shit applies to ThinkPads and crusty old IBM keyboards. These products were recommended by neckbeards because they were CHEAP, plentiful and high quality compared to contemporary equivalent products.

I ended up selling my Trinitron to some drooling collectorfag for several hundred dollars. I used that money to buy a Dell 2408WFP for basically nothing. I do not regret this decision at all.


CRTs are cuter.


You got me there mate


Crts hurt eyes

File: 1653139369239.jpg (132.11 KB, 1920x1080, amd-radeon-graphics.jpg)


I have a Dell laptop which is really thin and lightweight; I have a hunch that they compromised the effectiveness of the cooling and thus the performance of the system. Wondering if any wirenons have experience of working around this.

Basically, after a period of comfortably managing CPU-intensive tasks (not even cryptomining, I mean watching YT or audio editing in Audacity), the entire system turns horribly sluggish. I've worked out that this happens exactly when the CPU temperature reaches 97C; at that point, the CPU takes aggressive action and limits its clock frequency to 399Mhz (normally it's up to 2GHz). It maintains this throttle until the temperature is back below 87C.

Is there anything I can do to prevent this from happening? It seems the root of the problem is the temperature reaching a critical point too often.

I have thought about underclocking the CPU so that it goes at a slower frequency than 2GHz; this would reduce performance, but if it stopped the performance cliff-drops (by making the CPU temperature increase more slowly), it'd be worth it.

The CPU is an AMD Ryzen 5 2500U, by the way.
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>What OS are you using? If you're on windows, I found that permanently setting battery mode to "best battery" makes the laptop run very cool
I'm on Linux. The equivalent to "best battery" mode is to set the frequency governor to "powersave", e.g. with this command:
cpupower frequency-set -g powersave

However, this didn't really make much difference to my issue. The laptop still heats up very quickly.

Interesting…thanks anon, I'll look into that.


I came across a similar issue, it is an old Windows laptop (not mine), and it is cold to the touch but according to the task manager, the CPU runs at a pathetic frequency of 0.5 GHz and the CPU load never goes over 25% (does that mean only one of the four cores is used? or is it because it should run at least around 2 GHz?). I have no idea how to check these things on WIndows and searching around it seems like everyone wants to convince me to download some malware bundled shareware to do things that should be trivial to do on a modern operating system. Should I just clean it and hope it makes the issue go away or is there something that needs to be checked?


File: 1653950125731.png (8.12 KB, 96x72, trolsussmile.png)

overestimating the capabilities of windows, frien? Also how the hell does that thing run it and be any usable?


File: 1654103628065.jpg (47.44 KB, 447x589, 1630530512054.jpg)

> how the hell does that thing run it
> and be any usable?
It wasn't. I took it apart only to realize that it does not actually have any fans. I booted a live GNU/Linux on it, the sensors said the temperatures were normal and the CPUs were running at normal frequencies. I rebooted into Windows mentally preparing to upgrade faulty drivers or just give up but suddenly it was working normally too. Maybe it was afraid that, now that I knew the speeds the CPU was actually capable of, I would ditch Windows, but unfortunately it's not my call. I have no idea what was wrong or how to avoid it happening again in the future, but that's life running Windows, right?


>took it apart only to realize that it does not actually have any fans.
Is it supposed to be one of those fan-less designs, or it just that fucked?
>Maybe it was afraid that, now that I knew the speeds the CPU was actually capable of, I would ditch Windows
Spookware is spooky, huh? :D
>avoid it happening again in the future, but that's life running Windows, right?
Well pretty much. I'd say try convincing whoever has it to ditch win, since I hardly imagine them doing anything that would be win exclusive software or anything.

File: 1581460038602.png (503.48 KB, 934x1000, daily_programming.png)

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What are you working on, /g/?
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> That site sometimes turns on the captcha
OK. It's been in this unusable state for me for a month and a half now.

> web.archive.org doesn't require captchas but to archive a site, you need to enable JabbaShit.

Unfortunately it seems to require JS for searching as well. The only non-JS function seems to be serving archived pages if you have a direct link, but the direct link contains the archival timestamp, so it cannot be constructed from the target URL alone.

> The Wayback Machine requires your browser to support JavaScript, please email info@archive.org if you have any questions about this.


If I write some random number like 23 instead of the timestamp, I get the latest.



They have an API, if you don't mind JSON you can use that: https://archive.org/help/wayback_api.php


File: 1576073341839.jpg (516.95 KB, 676x842, 1384493133443.jpg)

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Lainchan and Arisuchan are full of idiots now, and 4/g/ is out of the question. But this imageboard could use some activity, any ideas?
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then we leave and the cycle continues


Well honestly there's something soothing about the sheer inactivity here.



The only thing inactive here is your sex life biatch


It would probably be more active if threads didn't just randomly disappear.


You meant spam?

File: 1650920842828.jpg (1.52 MB, 4032x3024, high tech.jpg)


Hi I'm a big fan of the whole aesthetics of sorta cyber, sorta elektromagnetik stuff.. any of you folks interested in electronics like that?


And where is everyone?


I like technical illustrations, like schematics, diagrams, blueprints, even UML, things like that.


File: 1651524762721.gif (291.38 KB, 3351x1516, Sony WM-F17.gif)

Honestly same. It's really cool how companies used to design products with the user repair in mind. The beautiful service manuals that used to come with gadgets are so pretty. Sucks that everything sucks now


I work in a middle-big IT corpo as a SysAdmin and as part of my apprenticeship I hopped through some departments to get a wider spectrum of skills. I also went to the electrotechnical department and learned some things about electromagnetism, it really made me think if I chose the right path as I really love doing stuff with cables and just how electronics work. It's something I look up to one day putting more time and effort into.
Sadly you can't really use the skills on modern products. Just look at a modern platine that has like 20 layers, you just cant lain-like manipulate it.


File: 1651593703793.png (314.11 KB, 1289x481, u1 painless.png)

I definitely see what you mean, but at the same time I think there's a whole lotta room for creativity depending on your knowledge/understanding. Of course you can't get at the inner layers of PCBs and modifying silicon chips are impossible, but there's still plenty of room around those constraints.

Look at this project that repurposes the FPGA in some Cisco modem: https://tomverbeure.github.io/2021/05/16/Pixel-Purse-LED-Cube.html
The Xilinx Zynq chips on obsolete bitcoin miner control boards are also completely reprogrammable https://github.com/xjtuecho/EBAZ4205

And, "pic related," why not design your own PCB or even silicon? Hardware development is more accessible than ever now, with things like that skywater foundry pdk

File: 1612970345519.png (2.24 MB, 2026x1250, LAIN.png)


Is there a guide which will teach you everything that Lain knows? I'm looking for a complete collection of resources on computing, things that Lain would likely know. I will start with some basics.
I am looking for things like this but complete, assembled together in one huge, nonrepetitive volume.
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Is a typewriter manufactured last week not outdated?




it depends who's using it


File: 1642482043112.gif (65.07 KB, 367x326, 1641031767612.gif)

>She also learns C in class
In SEL it feels like she shows up to school simply because it must be done for her to go on with her life. Her C lectures are going in one ear, and exiting the other. Bottomline: You don't need to know C for this goal of yours OP.


Maybe I'm just biased but imo C is more like wooden pencil rather than typewriter. It's not as sleek as some rotring rapid pro but it is dependable and very performant if you're good with it. Sure it doesn't have many modern features and is deathly bad with memory but that's just because of how close it runs to hardware ig.

You can get a lot done just running python or javascript or maybe Go or rust or whatever but if you really want to get serious, you definitely want to know how code interacts with the lower layers of abstraction like microarchitecture to even the analog level (perhaps to understand some of the flaws of higher abstractions)

File: 1609363355162.jpg (1.12 MB, 3718x2150, topology.jpg)


I know this is kind of a meme on boards like this, but is it actually possible to learn university-level mathematics on your own? Not a full mathematics program, just the equivalent of some select courses. How would one go about it?
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Why does maths take so long to learn? Compared to programming books, books on mathematics seem to be at least twice as long and take ten times as much time to work through. Is maths just this much harder? Or am I just untrained for it, and it will get better with time? And there's so much I would love to learn, it's really overwhelming.


One of my profesors could look at pretty much any equation and solve it without doing any calculations on paper in a few seconds. He told us that in order to do this, you just need to practice.


That sounds amazing but does it transfer to new, unfamiliar parts of mathematics?


I don't think they take longer to learn, but it probably depends on 1.) your skill of thinking abstract 2.) Your integrated RAM
For Maths you need to think way abstracter than for programming. Sure programming is abstract as well, but you always get something out of it, that is translated into an action or some kind of feedback on the computer. While in maths all you get out of it is maths. It's like programming but never running the code.
And by integrated RAM I just mean how long you can go on with one thought without forgetting the start of it


It's just strange that people spend 12 years in school learning maths only for university-level mathematics to be completely different.

File: 1615950669093.png (337.23 KB, 497x544, UpwardMonitorSetup1.png)


any ya'll know an image search tool that isn't spyware?
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Did this shut down? I can't access it anymore.


idk… last time i used it was a couple weeks ago iirc and all was well. hope that it's just a temporary interruption. it was a good site.


File: 1619808661444.jpg (152.78 KB, 1000x799, you.jpg)

Everything its spyware.

Turn it off…


>no ImgOps
Get the bookmarklet. Pimeyes is a little known one.
It was down but is now back.


>>604 I was looking for something like the the third one, thank you

File: 1636019190130.gif (315.2 KB, 250x130, 7fdcf2eddb73febecdafdbc817….gif)


how do u be good in cloud computing biz? get cert and get job? what do u need to understand abt it to master it?


File: 1636384567275.png (23.41 KB, 336x336, soyart.png)

Learn and be curious.


I highly recommend Linux. Most, if not all, big tech companies run Linux servers, and many cloud services are similar. The best way to learn Linux (in my experience) is to jump right in. See if you can install Linux on an old laptop, or run WSL2 on Windows (not bad). Learn how to navigate the command-line, and also read some books on Linux.
The CompTIA Linux+ certification is pretty good, and you can find the textbook for it on 1lib.us. Of course, if you already know GNU/Linux, then I guess look for internship programs at cloud providers.


>>774 everyone hates me asking too much
>>775 i know linuxes and its protocols. but i still cant pass all the 5 cent certification tests after studying and the biggest license cost like hundred buck or so… it s nuts


>>775 I'm going to - since windows 10 has been a source of insanity and frustration for years in my case.

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