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What are you working on, /g/?
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Find songs by artist in bash

find_by_artist() {
find . -type f -print0 \
| xargs -0 exiftool -artist 2>/dev/null \
| awk -v RS='======== ' -v FS='\n' -v ORS='\0' \
'$2 ~ /'"${1}"'/ { print $1 }'


Try writing a lexer. I'm not adept at making algorithms and this confused me. Try making something to recognize numbers, comments, strings, and a few key words from C. Just tokenize an input txt file.


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I wanted to try write a simple dependently typed program because I always just prove things but Coq can do this too. So here are the Fibonacci numbers. First, the specification of what it means for a number to be "Fibonacci", the proposition `fibonacci n m' says that the nth Fibonacci number is m:

Inductive fibonacci : nat -> nat -> Prop :=
| fib0 : fibonacci 0 0
| fib1 : fibonacci 1 1
| fibS n a b m (Ha : fibonacci n a) (Hb : fibonacci (S n) b) (Hm : a + b = m) : fibonacci (S (S n)) m.

This is straightforward, we know that the 0th number is 0 (fib0), the 1st is 1 (fib1), and the (n+2)th is m, if m is a + b where b is the (n+1)th number and a is the nth.


File: 1614371892504.png (17.88 KB, 800x500, 87617512_p1.png)

Here is the program itself:

Definition fib n : { m | fibonacci n m } :=
let aux :=
fix f n :=
match n with
| 0 => (exist (fibonacci 0) 0 fib0, exist (fibonacci 1) 1 fib1)
| 1 => (exist (fibonacci 1) 1 fib1, exist (fibonacci 2) 1 (fibS 0 0 1 1 fib0 fib1 eq_refl))
| S (S n) =>
let (Xa, Xb) := f n in
let (a, Ha) := Xa in
let (b, Hb) := Xb in
let Hab := fibS n a b (a + b) Ha Hb eq_refl in
(exist (fibonacci (S (S n))) (a + b) Hab,
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The Distributed Wired is coming, anons. Just at the time that we need it most, too.

>The Brave browser recently added support for the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) protocol in its beta release channel (desktop only).

>IPFS is a peer-to-peer (P2P) protocol that can be used in web browsers to visit websites that are hosted by the website’s visitors instead of a central web server.
>This is called the distributed web.
>When you open an IPFS link (ipfs://example/) in Brave, it will open it using a public web-gateway server by default. Gateways are public web servers that proxy content from the IPFS network via a traditional web server.


I actually haven't downloaded Brave yet. Has anyone here tried it?
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Dont know what IPFS is, but I use Brave because it has got a nice adblocker


i use brave because i like orange and i like tigers so i use brave


I like the idea of IPFS. The real problem is getting people to use it. Doesn't matter if it solves all our problems if people don't use it. Like how Trump didn't get on gab when he was banned from twitter. Missed the opportunity to get millions of people out of a censorship regime and onto a freer platform. Now that mozilla and google are going to start censor stuff from the browser, as well as from search engines, I only hope that people will switch to free software instead of adapting to their total control.


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It is actually a lion, but yeah the icon looks nice.


>I actually haven't downloaded Brave yet. Has anyone here tried it?
After seeing this thread, I decided to take this version of Brave for a test drive. To see a somewhat mainstream browser support IPFS is heartening. IPFS seemed to load faster then I remember from the last time I looked into it during early testing. It was like at whatever point Tor began to not seem so impractically slow to use regularly. Brave's IPFS interface worked well aside from the fact that cutting and pasting links was a slight hassle and didn't seem fully integrated yet. Nitpicking over a small user experience issue though.
Brave browser is an interesting concept, but it is too bloated for my tastes. Interesting in that there are things like Tor and IPFS all wrapped up in one software package, but that's also the reason I dislike it. Would rather implement both those things separately. I suppose Brave has it's place and I'll follow it's progress, but generally prefer "less is more" alternatives to Firefox and Chrome.
>The real problem is getting people to use it.
Maybe a browser like Brave offering support will help with that?
>how Trump didn't get on gab when he was banned from twitter
Or spin up a Fediverse instance, communicate through that, and give his supporters a forum on something less centralized and more censorship proof. The hippy cliche of "tune in, turn on, and drop out" is good advice for anyone dealing with the headaches of current year centralized internet services and it's surprising that the boomers, who should be most familiar with that phrase from their youth, can't seem to apply that philosophy to the interwebs.

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/g/eneral navi building thread

Navi-hardware and stuff


File: 1613001114201.gif (234.02 KB, 1710x881, WD-Gold-NVMe-U.2-SSD-for-E….gif)

Lain would probably use this WD gold hard drive (1.273,90€/1.543,71$) and an "Intel Xeon W-3175X"( 3.591,95$/2.964,00€) processor or "AMD Ryzen™ Threadripper™ 2990WX"( 1,799$/1.484,67€)



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PC-cooling is important…

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I wanted to use linux for everyday use while windows for gaming, so i dual booted manjaro and windows 10, but the parititon for manjaro is only 2gb and i cant increase it around 100gb, so now im going to use windows 10 for everything else normally while linux manjaro for tor browsing and wasting time ricing it up but i still want privacy + security on my linux so what should i know, install, or do in order to not be spied on by glowies?
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Why can't you resize the partition?


Resize your Windows partition and encrypt your linux partition with luks or something like that. Instead of default windows bootloader get grub ot refi


shrink your windows partition and leave some space for linux. if it doesnt let you, it might be too fragmented


File: 1613516063834.jpg (47.21 KB, 416x468, 1516166986546.jpg)

Basic security programs: icecat, anonsurf, onionshare, i2psnark, truecrypt 7.1a, KeepassXC.
Encrypt with luks. Add password to BIOS. Only store glowie shit on encrypted external drives. Use keepass to generate and store all passwords. Keep master pw in your head and no where else.
Good email providers: disroot and riseup. VPN of course.
Alternatively, do what >>426 said and keep tails on a bootable USB or create a partition for Qubes for fedposting purposes.


Depending on threat model, making something like Manjaro "extremely secure" might be more trouble then it's worth. A lot of the hardening comes from the kernel and having the right dot files / configs in place to make best use of those features. Even if Manjaro offers hardened kernel in their repos, I'd imagine the OS might have to be tweaked a bit to take full advantage of it? And depending on how motivated the glow-in-the-darks are, hardware can also be a consideration. Many of the pros try and exploit the hardware as well as the software. Some red teams having designated driver experts writing custom exploits in assembly on a case by case basis.
These anons gave good advice
>Qubes OS, Whonix, Tails, or some combination thereof.
>Basic security programs…
There's also Kodachi live boot OS. I can't vouch for it since I haven't taken an in depth look at it, but it's a thing and thought it might be worth a mention ITT. Also, Parrot OS is an interesting project.
As an aside, one can even pick up some knowledge by looking at how Debian, and even Ubuntu, configure their distros. INB4 UBUNTU REEEEE! I know Ubuntu default desktop leaks meta-data and their implementation of systemd is bloated and would require a thread unto itself. I'm only referring to the fact that Debian and Ubuntu are commonly deployed as servers and have some sensible defaults in that regard that might be useful for some to look into.
Also, building upon a basic Alpine install is another interesting option. Potential to have something with a very small attack surface and somewhat of a security by obscurity factor compared to other distros.

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Lainchan and Arisuchan are full of idiots now, and 4/g/ is out of the question. But this imageboard could use some activity, any ideas?
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Am I supposed to delete a post just because it contains self-degradation? I've actually been moderating for years, unlike those here, and it's an issue when a post contains something objectionable, but not enough that it warrants deleting it. Later on in that thread, someone asked for help with this:
>i feel like such a white supremacist retard who compensates with a firearms fetish for minuscule genitalia, I'm learning python 3 and am trying to implement a list of primes, does anyone know how to get the primes right in the REPL?

I didn't delete that either, and now the discussion is calm. A person without a rod shoved up his ass may even call it funny. It worked itself out. I see Wirechan doesn't have as much of an issue with bad posts, because the posts are overall lesser quality, and there are far fewer of them. This imageboard blocks Tor posting, I see, and yet still fails to be better than Lainchan; isn't that interesting?

I avoid labels, but fascism, authoritarianism, or totalitarianism suit me, yes. I attack irrelevancy in my boards, which includes most of the images being plastered here.

Anyway, here's my website; feel free to give me any critique: http://verisimilitudes.net


>A person without a rod shoved up his ass may even call it funny.
I'm glad you have a sense of humor, because otherwise I would consider you an absolute moron retard based on what I saw in your blogpost "Thoughts Concerning the Preceding Year". For example, when you said that you would be speaking and writing archaic english, you spoke English in a way that was most definitely NOT archaic or old, save the word "mine" used to mean "my" sprinkled around the page. You must have obviously done this to humorously illustrate the way that english is degrading into another language, for any fool who has read a book in the last two centuries knows how the modern tongue licks. Otherwise you would endlessly be mocked as a dunce simpleton. Another example of one of your witticisms is when you talk about constraints on your writing, yet consider the possibility of using the hilarious babbyspeak language Toki Pona. If I didn't know any better I would surely call you a mongoloid buffoon. To the untrained funny bone, your article reads like sign language from an orangutan. I suggest moving the contents of the article to the jokes page to save your face and your reputation.


lol this nigga a lolcow



kek, trannies on suicide watch


pretty sure that in a fourth reich you'll be the first to go

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Have you ever operated a chan?

What does it take, in terms of memory, CPU, bandwidth and disk space to run a chan? Let's suppose it's at wirechan's posting rate.

What software is best? Vichan? Lynxchan?
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I'm currently working on an imageboard engine.
It'll be written in C#.

If anyone has any questions or have any recommendations of features they'd like the engine to have let me know.
The goal is to create something that non-programmers can use. Something that's efficient and written as clearly as possible so beginners can learn from it.

If anyone has any questions lmk. Should be out in about a month,


Is it going to be released under the AGPL? Why C#?


It'll be open source, not sure under what license. Anyone will be free to steal it, use it, hack it whatever. There will also be an executable for ease of use.

Why C#:
1. The project started as a personal challenge. I'm not reading the source of vichan or tinychan I'm treating the boards as a blackbox and writing the code from the functionality I observe. I wanted to see if I could create an imageboard from scratch with a new language that would be useful for me in future projects.
2. C# has good performance
3. C# is easy to read so it'll allow newer programmers to reverse engineer the software and learn from it.
4. C# is hot in the market atm and I don't see it going away, making it valuable for people to learn about.




looking forward to it. do you have a repo we can follow?

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Whoops, sorry, lost my Oculus Rift.
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i use google cardboard.
it costs literally 50 cents
assuming you have some smartphone already.


I used that for a while, it was ok. Although fun, there weren't a lot of apps and games for it back when I used it. So hopefully when I buy another one and get another smartphone I'll get into it again.


i just wanna use it as a virtual screen


I still have my Virtual Boy. I do need to get a replacement stand for it though.


File: 1613162741907.jpg (48.91 KB, 1035x688, D17bjpA.jpg)

I used to have an oculus (dont remember the model) where you put your smartphone in and can play games on the oculus store. It was fun, but it got booring soon. I really want that vr gaming gets better because maybe we can be like parzival from the film "oasis"

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Is there a guide which will teach you everything that Lain knows? I'm looking for a complete collection of resources on computing, things that Lain would likely know. I will start with some basics.
I am looking for things like this but complete, assembled together in one huge, nonrepetitive volume.

File: 1612806956860.png (36.13 KB, 709x714, 709px-FOSDEM_logo.svg.png)


FOSDEM was last weekend, they are now uploading the recordings. Did you watch any of the talks? Are you planning to watch any of the recordings? Let's share interesting talks and discuss them!


I usually collect around 30 talks to watch but end up only watching three of them.

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Is there anything worth watching on PeerTube?
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Bumping for interest, since I never found anything worth while myself. I do appreciate the service however. The additions in this thread so far seem interesting.


File: 1600795289188.jpg (128.42 KB, 992x686, 2020-05-21_Peertube-Modera….jpg)

Looks like the people at Framasoft realized how hard it is to find anything on PeerTube and made a semi-curated search engine for it: https://sepiasearch.org/
Announcement: https://framablog.org/2020/09/22/sepia-search-our-search-engine-to-promote-peertube/


This is some netlabel's PeerTube, they upload music videos to it: https://v.basspistol.org/videos/local


This site has "edutainment" videos, if I understand correctly they are uploaded by youtubers (i.e., it's not an unofficial mirror).


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