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fresh - Fresh out of the oven

Hop in to our IRC channel! #wirechan@rizon.net


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Greetings from SpaceChan!
Come join the shitposting fun.


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Hi everyone. Over the past few months I have been working on the Lain Pack, a folder with just a bunch of Lain stuff, some rare some common. Some highlights are all 3 OSTs, the Anime itself, the artbook, a bunch of avatars and website banners (some sadly dont work) and more. One reason I started making it is because that damn torrent never has seeders. This is just 0.5, please suggest more to be put in! Anyways, here is the download: https://six10.pw/LainPack_v0.5.zip


Update! Major folder restructures, deletion of broken images and more. New permanent link too: https://www.six10.pw/LainPack.rar




Well appreciated! Would you happen to have a torrent as well? I don't want to redownload the anime.


thanks for this


Download is consistently failing at the 4gb mark. Hmmmm…


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Greetings from https://mewch.net


delete this stolen get, koi please




i think culture has shifted due to all things cyber written and inked in the 70s-90s becoming mainstream. i mean, the matrix is /cyb/ af, and that was heavily funded by a big studio. cyberpunk effectively became mainstream. so much of what gibson predicted came true. some of it we're living due to hardware getting so cheap. i have scores of systems laying around that i can throw stuff on. phones are dirt cheap too. we're living it. Thoughts?
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>The ball has already started rolling
>AAA-Studio making Cyberpunk Games

There have always been Cyberpunk Videogames from major publishers. Especially when looking at the releases from the 80s/90s the ball seems to have slowed down a whole lot. Right now it gets a little momentum again compared to the last 5 or 10 years but it's far from where we've been.

Same with movies. There were so many big Cyberpunk Movies and Anime. BR2049 however was a financial desaster so the big studios won't look at Cyberpunk for a while. Right now we'll get some B-Movies on Netflix if anything (which I'd be fine with as long as they have a good story).

But I completely agree about what you say about people of course. The more people join a movement the more shallow it gets, unfortunately. Just look at the stuff on r/cyberpunk to see what the mainstream is taking away from this, for many it seems all of this boils down to some rainy neon city photograph and the occasional "dude wearing vr glasses with some cables" illustration they watch on their iPhone.


I think Cyberpunk 2077 is unique in that it has the word itself all over it. Usually when someone unaware of cyberpunk culture consumes cyberpunk themed media, they don't know about it and they don't really care. It's a game that will without a doubt reach a massive audience and at least in some degree cause people previously unaware of cyberpunk to get interested. In what degree, I'm not sure but my previous post would be a kind of "worst case scenario".
About BR2049, I think it was a nice movie (though, my favorite part was when it finally ended and I was able to pee, protip: don't drink +1liter of something right before a ~3 hour movie in a theater). I think its lack of success was mainly because of its slow pace which is a big no-no nowadays especially when the trailer makes it look like your basic Hollywood action film.


>cause people previously unaware of cyberpunk to get interested.

I already hate that they named it that way. try searching for "Cyberpunk" on Youtube. It's all about this game now. It's probably gotten even harder to find any other cyberpunk thing now.


File: 1551556833809-0.png (364.98 KB, 675x498, dfsdf.png)

I think that cyberpunk is not about augmented bodies. It's high teck technology that is so unevenly distributed, that someone might live in luxury smart home like in latest Bladerunner, and some 100 metres in other house people would hardly make a living. And it is now.
Like Gibson said: "The future is here. It’s just not widely distributed yet."
All technologies are available now, but are not so widely applicated. They may have improve living of 100s millions of people, but we have failed that up to now.


Nice video!


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I started hosting a minetest server (for however long), I've also posted this message on lainchan, but figured it'd to get some people from this board too.
The server can be found at wingee.dyndns.org:8763




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Good morning, evening and night, /g/. I'd like to talk to you about a pretty popular but lacking and somewhat horrible distro that you're all aware of; Arch GNU/Linux.
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Arch wiki is GOAT


File: 1550957787928.jpg (217.25 KB, 1920x1080, wbtnzb.jpg)

← Arch users look like this


I use Arch btw


But do you look like >>77?


if only I did


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is this place active?


File: 1551118125292.png (2.08 MB, 1041x1280, ClipboardImage.png)

Uhhh kinda, why?


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ok bye


Hi. It's got lurkers.


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Merorin was here.
Merorin.com extends a hand of papal evangelical brotherhood.
You guys are alright.


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I like :^)


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What browsers do you guys use to surf the web?
I use firefox developer edition so i can install my won addons.

What other tools do you use to get around the net?
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One made youtube show the newest comments first by default.
Ik; youtube comments are the lowest of the low,
but i'd rather see the ones that are more recent than the ones people vote on.
Youtube changed since i made it,
so it doesn't work anymore.

One runs sentiment analysis on text you write to it and plots the results over time.
This was just for fun: a hackathon project i did with some other people.


I use luakit and I think it's really comfy. It has vim keybindings for browsing which is the most important for me. I really like the fact that it's extensible in Lua so you can write your own things if you need to. Really recommend it.


if you had to compare it to qutebrowser or hacked up surf, how does it compare? I've been loving simplicity and straighforwardness of qutebrowser and it's love for vim bindings, makes web browsing much less soykafty, but the fact that those who compile qute with webkit as their browser engine are secondary class citizen and that it uses python puts me off.


qutebrowser is quite comfy




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how're you peeps holdin' up in cyberspace? im doing pretty ok right now.




Zurock cometh


well uh, yeah! cool! i guess


it's okay

too little cool sites and too much mainstream trash


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Do you make art, Wirechan? Post your stuff, discuss how to get better, talk about projects, influences, all things related.
And if you dont do art, you should try it- Really, there are many methods, drawing isnt the only one, and even then, there are interesting beginner friendly games to play in that field.

I made this. I want to make a comic out of this atmosphere and aesthetic. Its quite hard to beat my stupid perfectionism when it comes to attempting to construct the narrative, though.
i had to resize this fucking image four times for it to fit the upload size cap.
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Wow that's cool, how did you make this? What's your though process when working on art?


File: 1546570934344.png (112.21 KB, 1200x900, thebotsandthebees.png)


File: 1546663285164.png (3.18 MB, 1700x1133, glits3 copy.png)

I like to make this kind of mandala stuff and glitch art.


Good Job.


Drawing is a skill just like any other. Start practising and in a couple years you can do draw nice waifus, cyberpunk cityscapes or whatever you are interested in.


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It was the noir men.


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File: 1548203055151.jpg (17.08 KB, 400x309, 576c13e978254827dce0f20817….jpg)




File: 1548274281033.jpg (67.1 KB, 450x463, 1519001731314.jpg)



koirishima is a rood mexican


Actually bretty cool
No you


>doesn't even know how to no u properly

yep, that's a cringe and bluepilled for me boss.


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lol i got here from my old book mark for easterncalcul.us
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all posts on this board are by default necro.




About right.



File: 1546795164109.jpg (121.46 KB, 600x525, necropolis.jpg)

This is now a necro thread.


File: 1548358771722.webm (3.18 MB, 406x720, HAI.webm)



File: 1548303702332.jpg (304.1 KB, 1500x500, MOSHED-2019-1-23-8-48-21.jpg)


it has a chat a link to my booru and more to come. its just a place for me to experiment. https://narasuradio.neocities.org/
i know i kinda used stuff from the lainchan site lel but i was bored one day lol and im lazy atm


always thumbs up for kikuchi momoko


I think it's fine to copy the code but you could customize the looks more unique, it looks almost exactly like lainchan radio. Maybe it'd be cool for your sites in general to create a cohesive aesthetic, so they fit together (I'm sure someone would be willing to help if you don't feel inspired yourself). Other than that, cool stuff and keep it up. I always like it when people do something creative.

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