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Hop in to our IRC channel! #wirechan@rizon.net


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I've been on an Eurobeat binge this weekend.


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Does anyone have a link for the source code of the Antidepressant CSS theme?


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drugs are generally considered underground, so lets talk about our use and history with it, let it be narcotics, nootropics, pharmacological medicine etc…


I've personally only smoked marijuana (also have had an edible cookie), synthetic marijuana, and salvia. I had some wild experiences with salvia that ranges from everything turning to spirals, seeing surfing ficitional characters in the sky who tak to me, and experiencing x50 lifetimes within 15 minutes warping through different alternate realities. I've been curious about experimenting with LSD, shrooms, and adderall as well as other nootropics.


I personally use Tramadol (around 150mg-300mg). Although, I allow a 24h (or 18h minimum) period before my next dose. Sometimes I do use Marijuana as well, but I just hate the smell. Been meaning to try Marijuana + Tramadol tho, sounds like a really good experience. I've also been looking into buying Diazepam and Clonazepam, haven't had any experience with those, but looking forward to it.


Has quite a rich story of use, done acid, xanax, iktrovil, tramadol, heroin, oxy, xtc mdma, speed, 3cmc, 4cmc, alot of other unknown rcs. Currently takkng memantine ca 30mg a day for my depressive episodes, also clonazepam 0-2mg a day and sometimes lyrica. Every weekend usually speed. Take ALCAR l-acetyl tytosine theanine to not fuck my brain, drugs are the only things keeping me alive, been on all kinds of ssris and snris, which just made everythi g worse. Im so alone and feel so bad.


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Community is one of my favorite television shows.
anyway this is my first post here, I was redirected by RAL


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I've never watched it. Doesn't it have Chevy Chase on it though?
I also frequent RAL, welcome to Wirechan.


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What are you working on, /g/?


I'm really sorry about textboard.org but Bitdiddle said the stress tests were badly needed and kept encouraging me. I hope it's back up soon.


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It seems to have returned from death.

Why are you testing in production?


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>Why are you testing in production?
Setting up a local copy is such a hassle and Bitdiddle said:

>Don't worry about that. I'm sincerely grateful you found that severe bug, took the time to read the code and offered a way to fix the issue

>We badly need those. Now is the time.

>Thank you again for discovering that awful bug. I believe your stress tests will hit the nginx cache, so they should be safe.


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Hau hau~! I'm so happy that Sailor Moon & Dragon Ball is still around


DBS threads are ruining /a/.


there's nothing to ruin.


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posting test


I wish someone would love me.


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Sailor Moon is eternal.


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Do you love Free Software? Let's share some Free Software that we love!


Yeah boys. some of my (free || open) source software

1. OSs: Debian, Void, Plan9, & OpenBSD
2. Editors: Acme, Emacs, & Sam

Here is a list:


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I wish I could find a cute gf that's into free software, a good OS, and hates smartphones.


I am really glad that Anki exists. It saved me from failing out of university.


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What's your opinion on street art/graffiti?

I find it interesting, how artist come with various ideas for the art itself, and the placement of it. Sadly in the place I live, it's just some assholes writing their names with no style, or random shit on walls.


Yeah, that's pretty much how it is here. That's why I love when I get the chance to see a train pass by. There's always interesting graffiti art on the boxcars. I'd like to start photographing them sometime.


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Some pics a friend takes related to your topic, where I live there's a lot of this stuff, sometime's its just trash, as you mention it, but if you walk around enough, you can find some pretty cool stuff.

This is were he posts his stuff, too bad it's insta but they're worth taking a look at.



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I looked all around, only some better looking tags in one place

might try to do something myself, thinking of any ideas for that


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Do you have to know Russian to truly be /cy/?
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prove youre both serb and cy


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I assume Russian, Japnese, and English are the most /cy/ languages in the world. But are there any others you would consider?


Molim te nastavi sa time kako si /cy/ber anone.


Russia is indeed high tech low life society.


>I'm from South America I just think foreign sites are pretty /cyb/, we are all connected and all that jazz
lol, thats how the internet works you dumbass name fagging spic. you sound 1337 af bro!


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Sorry if it its a stupid question but on the new board.

>No mainstream content is allowed

Where is the line between underground or mainstream?
Would something that is know and sometimes part of the mainstream but has its own underground culture (like punk rock or graffiti or martial arts, etc.) be allowed?

Thank you


The line is subjective, of course.
What you mention is totally allowed, and is to be included within /un/. Mostly what's called "Alternative stuff", not all of it, but it can be called like that too.


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*notices new board* owo

im sorry, pls no ban


Wow this post is very underground


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I guess most, if not all, netlabels count as the are pretty underground. Do you follow any netlabels? Have any favourite artists or releases?


File: 1581362605006.png (117.43 KB, 975x180, 0000510684_100.png)

D-TRASH Records: http://dtrashrecords.com/
A much loved classic netlabel, they release heavy electronic music since 1998. Mostly digital hardcore similar to Atari Teenage Riot, sometimes more digital, sometimes more hardcore punk.

My recent favourites from them are DK-Dance:


File: 1581363435081.jpg (39.2 KB, 480x450, anything-rec-02.jpg)

AnythingRecords: http://anyrec.webcrow.jp/

A Japanese netlabel mainly releasing lolicore, which is basically a mix of breakcore, speedcore, other hardcore electronic music and anime samples.

Some releases I like:

MO, who is running the netlabel, also released on other netlabels, my favourite is probably this, which appeared Dochakuso Records:


File: 1581363728406.jpg (90.91 KB, 1440x221, zia-four-momentum-banner.jpg)

split-notes: http://split-notes.com/

They release "microtonal music", which is apparently pretty exotic. I don't know much about music theory, but I really like their dub reggae:


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With the GPL, for any binary that you distribute, you have to make the corresponding source code available. With reproducible builds (see: https://reproducible-builds.org/), it is possible to verify that the binary was indeed compiled from the available source code. All you have to do is to compile the source code yourself, and compare the resulting binary with the one distributed. For an example of this in practice, see guix's `challange` command.

With the AGPL, if you run a service accessible through a network, you have to make the corresponding source code to the service available to the users. But is there a way for the user to verify that the service provided corresponds to the source code available? I can't think of any situation where the service couldn't just simply lie about what it is.


Try asking on textboard.org maybe.


Is my thread not welcome here?


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I believe this to be very important in today's climate where every megacorporation tries to paint themselves to be great supporters of "open source" and many of our organizations are funded by their "generous donations". But the problem is that they don't give a shit about software freedom. Take Visual Studio Code for example. Microsoft used to advertise it as being Open Source, and millions in good faith downloaded binaries of it. Until a careful eye noticed that the source code released as "Visual Studio Code" was different from the binaries released as "Visual Studio Code". In fact, the binaries even have their own license agreement that you have to accept to use them. After being called out on it, Microsoft modified their website and now Visual Studio Code only claims that it was "built on Open Source", as if that was something to be proud of. But the damage has already been done. I think Docker employed (or still employs) similar tricks. The problem is, pushover (so-called "permissive") licenses do not protect you from this trickery at all. With copyleft licenses, the source code of the binary has to be provided. But with pushover licenses, corporations can put some crippled version of their software on Github as bait, and distribute proprietary versions of it in binary form. This is why I think verifying source-to-binary correspondence, enabled by bootstrappable and reproducible builds, is so important.


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Welcome to /un/, wirechan users,

The board to discuss everything related to underground culture, and topics.

Threads can range from images, videos, questions, conspiracies, spooky stuff, hidden websites (Legal content only), music, stores, videogames, etc.
The only rule here is for everything to be lesser known by regular people. No mainstream content is allowed, OC is encouraged in this board, and spam in this board is not encouraged.

If you share an album, a compilation of songs, or whatever media, please use an external host!


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Since the new wirechan has fucked up, all of the images of Lain are gone from the Lain board.

Here's a Lain gif to enjoy for now.

Love Lain
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dont have much but imma just dump it


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File: 1579806725264-4.png (383.65 KB, 671x1001, 1367106973.png)


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File: 1579806793766-2.png (364.96 KB, 863x1080, 1367107333.png)

Sorry for the duplicates. I fucked up.


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Also, nice, is that your own edit?

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