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I'm 36 hours into "NoFap" I'm already starting to lose my mind. How do some of you handle it?
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I have such a strong sense of superiority towards those with a lack of a grasp on their sense of self control.

You guys are pathetic cumbrains.




i had a day few days ago where i nutted like 7 times and i couldn't focus for shit


I have hyperspermia so I have no choice but to fap 2-3 times a day (I don't have ED problems even when I do that) or my balls will literally hurt.


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Have you ever operated a chan?

What does it take, in terms of memory, CPU, bandwidth and disk space to run a chan? Let's suppose it's at wirechan's posting rate.

What software is best? Vichan? Lynxchan?
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You could buy a cheap optiplex and use that as your server. Literally most optiplexes made in the last 10 years would be overkill for a board of this size. You can use your regular ISP as the host provider. There really is no reason to buy a VPS/Dedicated server for nearly most websites. You should only upgrade to those services once you're site is too big.


I'm currently working on an imageboard engine.
It'll be written in C#.

If anyone has any questions or have any recommendations of features they'd like the engine to have let me know.
The goal is to create something that non-programmers can use. Something that's efficient and written as clearly as possible so beginners can learn from it.

If anyone has any questions lmk. Should be out in about a month,


Is it going to be released under the AGPL? Why C#?


It'll be open source, not sure under what license. Anyone will be free to steal it, use it, hack it whatever. There will also be an executable for ease of use.

Why C#:
1. The project started as a personal challenge. I'm not reading the source of vichan or tinychan I'm treating the boards as a blackbox and writing the code from the functionality I observe. I wanted to see if I could create an imageboard from scratch with a new language that would be useful for me in future projects.
2. C# has good performance
3. C# is easy to read so it'll allow newer programmers to reverse engineer the software and learn from it.
4. C# is hot in the market atm and I don't see it going away, making it valuable for people to learn about.




File: 1599425324914.jpg (247.27 KB, 1414x946, oldtechnology_1043-1.jpg)


Is there any new, up and coming technology that makes you excited? I feel like everything new I hear about is either boring or outright designed to make our lives worse.
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the defeated by wealthy people on pills argument vs
>>500 >>504 The despite all odds i still get mine chad argument



Tinyboard is a decades old now and it still has stupid bugs like these. What's so hard about imageboard software?


File: 1611345939845.jpg (161.68 KB, 1280x960, KZ_ZSN_PRO_X-4.jpg)

Well, I ordered these today after a recommendation by an audiophile friend. Pretty stoked.


I'm not suicidal, I just agree with OP, I don't know how I relate to giving up.


File: 1610772625464.png (611.71 KB, 1920x1200, itl.cat_lean-wallpaper_239….png)


I like this chan. Have a picture of some comfy water.


is that water comfy? then why is it purple?? explain that shit.


It's lean


It's mean


File: 1609363355162.jpg (1.12 MB, 3718x2150, topology.jpg)


I know this is kind of a meme on boards like this, but is it actually possible to learn university-level mathematics on your own? Not a full mathematics program, just the equivalent of some select courses. How would one go about it?
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Thanks anon. The course looks interesting, I'll give it a try. Do you usually take notes while watching these? I guess for courses it is a must, but what about the "edutainment"?


I know hobby programmers can contribute to open-source and post their programs on github, but what do hobby mathematicians do? Is there some forum where they share the proofs they come up with or something?


File: 1611262811320.jpg (339.07 KB, 1920x1080, mpv-shot5464.jpg)


>Is there some forum where they share the proofs they come up with or something?
Yes! There is a small effort to make "massively multiplayer mathematics" a reality, where randos on the internet shoot out ideas about unsolved problems:

It's a bit dead, but still.


I was thinking of something more analogous to rewriting fizzbuzz for the thousandth time, but this is really cool.


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Me outside
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i've seen this picture here a few times now and at first i thought i was looking at an anon in a field with a tree there but sometimes it looks like a green ufo up there in the corner and it's shooting down a brown tractor beam or something. maybe i'm overthinking things?


U black.

Wassup nigga




Run fast.


We finna be beating these daywalkers, son. Y'all best know your place.


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Cyberpunk comics that dont suck, post your favorites below


File: 1610913487284.jpg (40.08 KB, 400x581, chairleg.jpg)

The only one I've read was Transmetropolitan, it's alright. What about the one you posted, I assume it's your favourite? What's it about?


Transmetro is god-tier.
Read some stuff related to judge dredd


File: 1611079135590.jpg (536.35 KB, 1600x1200, 000000008316.jpg)


Every time I come here there's cp spam on /fresh/ and it stays there for like a day, please do something about it.


File: 1611135547673.png (153.77 KB, 259x238, madbob.png)

yeah can we get some mods in here?
im willing to delte that shit, im european maybe that can help because of diffrent time zone.


I'm trying to get some janitors and probably a mod around.
If you're willing to be a janitor, email me.

All of this spam is taking me by surprise, because of the amount.


is there anything more, we can do, besides reporting it?
i always report it tho


File: 1581925384435.png (641.43 KB, 719x718, cat (13).png)


drugs are generally considered underground, so lets talk about our use and history with it, let it be narcotics, nootropics, pharmacological medicine etc…
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I want to try it ,HW how is it? Read some stuff about the KHole





ketamine is by far the most addicting drug i've had the pleasure of sniffing. its recent re-emergence in memes brought me in no doubt like many others disconnecting during chinky flu. VR in particular VRchat is amazing on dissociatives btw try it out if you ever get the chance.


yeah I fucking love it, its actually a very versatile drug. If you only take a small amount its almost like an "extra step" of being drunk, then it gets progressively weirder as you take more. Personally I find watching a film/episode or playing a game becomes super immersive and interesting. Everything starts to feel very important, like its actually happening.
holeing is different for everyone. If that's what you really want I would recommend injecting, its so much more powerful than sniffing


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Hi guys. I found this site time ago and i never knew whats up with the site it self. I mean there is something hidden in the site that i cant find by my self. But who made it? Im really interested in it. Let me know!! C:
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check the source, there are commented dropbox links of course, fauux loves botnet with encrypted rars and other shit all over the site



" Reddit: catlover5299 - 1 year ago
Here's a discord for better discussion; https://discord.gg/KRpMtX4 "

If you actually tango with that discord spyware, then it appears they are still active in trying to solve these sites.


File: 1608099491923.gif (213.83 KB, 480x360, commit.gif)



Thankyou so much i was searching for something like this C:


File: 1610819400760.jpg (103.07 KB, 800x600, Winter.jpg)




File: 1610845631504.jpg (39.93 KB, 779x675, a.jpg)




Post comfy musak.





If you watched the movie, then you're just as cool


File: 1581292015367.jpg (166.35 KB, 1000x1480, 1576343406007.jpg)


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good stuff. I like dsbm more than the average person, taps into a primal part of me I cant explain. it can be overwhelming sometimes though.

this isnt dsbm, but instrumentals from a moody bm artist.


Listening to this, some heavy but slow metal music, not sure how would I describe it but the genre in the description is 57 characters long.



File: 1610831489233.png (1.47 MB, 1200x1200, ClipboardImage.png)

gr8 album


File: 1576073341839.jpg (516.95 KB, 676x842, 1384493133443.jpg)


Lainchan and Arisuchan are full of idiots now, and 4/g/ is out of the question. But this imageboard could use some activity, any ideas?
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File: 1609341313452.jpg (188.02 KB, 720x1080, aa87eacc01c243f3ed8bd08508….jpg)

>/λ/'s mod is/was a self-proclaimed fascist
That would certainly explain it.

>Is that an automatic name or did they really name themselves "whitey" lmao?

Yours Truly from Snow Crash.
spoiler: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Snow_Crash#Plot_summary


Fugg I just outed myself as illiterate.


File: 1609388535236.jpg (571.86 KB, 764x1080, 01f557a680d4e83d52ab27e411….jpg)

It's all cool, anon. Have a zero suit.


> /λ/'s mod is/was a self-proclaimed fascist
Oh wow.

I started spending time on Lainchan because I didn't need to roll my eyes at hateful bullshit in every third post, and now half the threads seem to have someone yelling about Jews. I'm not even angry, just exhausted.


File: 1610765819186.jpg (170.02 KB, 600x444, paidinfull.jpg)

thats not why we dont like lainchan who cares if some random internet loser is a fag if thats your only problem with them then go back and stop being a pussy


File: 1527623195581.jpg (692.44 KB, 1920x1080, japan-background-4.jpg)


ITT: Places you wish you were at right now.
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File: 1601547440321.jpg (153.68 KB, 1024x625, comfy.jpg)

it is a bit generic, but still, it is comfy.


Which JP city be this?


This is Shinjuku in Tokyo.


>> 5


File: 1610696677986.jpg (227.07 KB, 1280x720, wake up.jpg)

Back in my bed.

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