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With the direction humanity is going its pretty easy to get the cyberpunk asthethic, but what would be some polar opposite examples in society?(urban, not some random village in africa or something like solarpunk).


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Yeah, I'd say Solarpunk is the best example.


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Anything that is modern but not urban


That looks pretty nice actually. I'd enjoy a small living community like that.


Yeah I'd love to live here. Have some gardens, a few windmills and clean drinking water and I'd call it home.


The only problem I see is it's weakness to bad/extreme weather.


And meth


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Of course american retrofuturism!
White picketfence in space, the robotic housbutler as the new washmachiene and your wage as a janitor at the nuclear fission plant can afford you a bi yearly holiday on the moon.
Fallout Gameworld without the Fallout, Democracy is nonnegotiable!


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In contrast to that, the expectations of european culture-pessimists of the 20s and the dreams of the early fascists.
Germany won world war1, or it fell completely and the consequences were total victory of totalitarians. The world is a stage of warring empires seeking realms of autarky. Technology for the nobles and the rich but the rest might not life too shabby due to set rations or a life as humble peasants in the shadows of industrial cathedrals whose dwellers and their machienes they hardly understand-five social castes away from their reality, as the miserable have been already killed in eugenic fervour or send out to die in some glorious war, of which there are still plenty.
Excentric citystates like Eumesvil and the new republic of fiume sport strange societies ruled by autocrats who manage to sustain weird orders in their vision and the world is balkanised into wow themepark realms were fantasy races of men are bred by their masters.
Either that, or a worldstate assumed total control, brave new world, 1984, there is no room for the capitalistic excess and consumer or corporate culture of cyberpunk as the state is the only brand allowed.




test these testies


>a weakness


Faggot suffix, only cyberpunk and maybe steampunk are punk.


What about crust punk?


Crust punk is a bastardization of hardcore punk for drug addicts and NEETs


I'm glad we agree that it's punk af.


taking government prescribed drugs meant to fix you is punk af


Do you mean sleepytime dreams or visions of the future.


*or yearning ideals



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