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With the direction humanity is going its pretty easy to get the cyberpunk asthethic, but what would be some polar opposite examples in society?(urban, not some random village in africa or something like solarpunk).


File: 1579740172681.jpg (626.43 KB, 845x597, solarpunk-by-imperial-boy.jpg)

Yeah, I'd say Solarpunk is the best example.


File: 1579740788753.jpg (177.32 KB, 1024x536, red.jpg)

Anything that is modern but not urban


That looks pretty nice actually. I'd enjoy a small living community like that.


Yeah I'd love to live here. Have some gardens, a few windmills and clean drinking water and I'd call it home.


The only problem I see is it's weakness to bad/extreme weather.


And meth

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