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What would be /cyb/ perfect room? Clustered? Full of wires?
I always wanted to make a room as similar to me as possible, so i could spend my entire day in it and enjoy it's aesthetics.
Post pics or describe specific things that you think it would make your room look nicer of possible.


File: 1577678860397.jpg (1.01 MB, 1536x2560, theroom.jpg)

Since uni started at the beginning of the year I don't really care about my room anymore.
It's pretty dirty, the walls are falling apart and there are old things everywhere.
I think it looks /cy/ af and it doesn't smell bad so I'm cool with it.
Pic related.


File: 1578545167724.jpg (58.72 KB, 618x347, Room_101_Overview-618x347.jpg)

I think a /cyb/ room would be pretty dirty and full of wires and electronic things (computer, cables, other gadgets) kinda like Neo's room


>A dark room with various lights but still keeps the room mostly in it's darkness
>Cluttered wtih various tech and wires all around
>Screens everywhere

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