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What are these guys wearing, seriously. It looks cool but extremely dorky at the same time.


I wonder where they are now.


>Hey anon, we saw you succesfully installed Linux back there. Would you like to join our elite club of secretive cyber warriors?
>Oh, excuse me for being hasty! Let us introduce ourselves first.
>From left to right:
>D00ML0RD609, greatest HTML&CSS hacker in the city. His sense of time is questionable, doesn't know christmas ended already and wears ugly sweaters every day of the year. Convicted child molester.
>xXxMacGyveRxXx has never said a word in the 6 years we have known him, we are not sure what he does. Rumors say he has a black belt in brazilian jiujutsu and once killed a rhino with a single punch. Approach with caution.
>Myself, 666penisdominator666. I am the official leader of the group and spend most of my time placing camera-equipped arduinos in ladies restrooms.
>Sputnik420 only speaks russian and looks intimidating. He gives me camera modules for my arduino projects for cheap, so I consider him a close friend.
>Random guy from the streets, we drugged him and tied some explosives to his body. He'll soon be on his way to an office that we suspect may be using proprietary software.
>Finally, we have UwUKawaiiSenpaiUwU69. A dedicated enthusiast of japanese animations, an exhibitionist and our explosives expert. He rarely talks, but when he does, it's usually girly phrases in broken japanese. A man of culture indeed.
>So, anon, what do you think? Will you join us?


looks pretty 80s to me boss


This has potential.


Start creating.


>will you join us?


I wonder where they are now.


I remember reading a Reddit post detailing exactly that. Considering they were at MIT, they’ve all done quite well for themselves.


Got a link to that Reddit post?


This is the Wearable Computing group, MIT Media Lab in 1995. Head Mounted Displays (HMDs) were close to impossible to get so most of it was hacked out of (analog!) display kits, videocam displays or expensive entertainment headsets. Fast forward 20 years and affordable HMDs are still a pipe dream. The bags carry the Single Board Computers and batteries. They are similar to the Pi/Arduino/Beagle, which are widely available these days and very much affordable. Input is usually done by a chording keyboard like the BAT or Twiddler (Jeld by the guy far right. I believe the company that makes it is still around.)

If you are interested, look for archives of the USENET group comp.sys.wearables.

Steve Mann, far left is now in the U of Toronto and Thad Starner, far right is in GA Tech. Sorry, I don't remember the others.

Jokes aside, yes, they all ran Linux ;)


File: 1623991563635.gif (17.04 KB, 750x382, cyberpunks.gif)

I have this bizarro sketch illustration from 1988's Soviet home multimedia computer system design proposal. It looks exactly like the guys in OP.
The writings on right panel say:
Processors (memory) lol
Processors (receiver, memory) <-probably describing the antenna thing

The left panel is a plan of an apartment/house with rooms described clockwise as follows:
Bus ducts
Audio-video <- Looks like a study, home office with generic video conferencing setup
High-distance communication receivers
Learning (Schooling) <- child's room
Home economy management <- looks like a kitchen
Universal interface
Collective entertainment
Central Processor
Large Collective Videoeffector <- [/i]TV screen for you baka capitalists[i]


File: 1623991773288.gif (195.21 KB, 750x617, sphinx.gif)

Here's full setup

Your admin is such a meanie for not allowing Tor posters


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