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This show has so many comfy cyberpunk shots fuck


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i've watched it recently, and i must say that i was really disappointed. first few eps were really nice though.
it tried really hard to be deep or something, but ended up being cringy and boring. i'd say it's 6 out of 10 at best. enjoyable and worth watching. but only if you have nothing better to watch


I still need to get around to watching the entire series. I watched a random DVD volume back as a teenager and never got around to finishing it.


Have you watched texhnolyze? It's closer to what I was hoping to get out of EP.


it's a typical drama story on the surface but actually is full of philosophical references which are not obvious at all. It's like some quest for truth where you have to analyze every frame. Whole anime is a huge eastern egg which includes references to both modern and antique culture, like Deleuze and Guattari with their schizoanalysis and machinic unconsciousness or Alice in the Wonderland, or Plato, or Bios & Logos. Some russian dudes devoted a whole website for it describing all the references hidden inside.


It's not exactly a secret, they have statues for Lacan, Derrida and some other.


I generally don't watch much anime, but fuck I adore this show


Yea not bad, watched it in 2/3 days when bored, hoped for something better when I finished it btw


pleb filtered




I remember there was one out there I had found that did side by side shot comparisons of ergo and famous movies/paintains etc. but could never find it again.

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