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Cyberpunk music? Yeah, we all know synthwave but what else do you think would fit into a cyberpunk setting/universe?


First song. 1:11 onwards. Very much like neotokyo soundtrack


You might recognize the MacInTalk/PlaintTalk voice…



This is really cool, thanks.
Don't know if it's 'cyberpunk' as such but the late 90s/early 00s era of drum and bass always sounded like the future to me


It's a little cliche, but I always think of this album with i think of cyberpunk music.


Death Grips.


Figured out Cryo Chamber would have something like that and of course there was a mix dedicated to this:


Ever listened to Zeromancer?


a dark halo and sybreed are good too


Atari Teenage Riot


File: 1587230281898.jpg (588.08 KB, 1198x599, artifical.jpg)

Most kinds of gritty or dark techno techno, I hate Models, Cabaret Nocturne, Nachtleben, Gesaffelstein.
Maybe Witchhouse/Daycore as its distorting and recycling popsongs over and over again which seems kinda futuristic as a concept.
If your kind of cyberpunk is the one were a few isolated factories stand in the denaturised wastes to sustain a dying humanity in its sealed off decadent hivecities then maybe Powerelectronics and similar brooding stuff.
Herz Jühning, Genocide Organ, KPN


IDM and jungle


I'd agree that this is cliche, but the pretty well established as the type
of music that you'd might hear form a cyberpunk environment.

I also think just old music goes well in the cyberpunk genre, due to how
much of a contrast it is to what you'd expect, explicitly solemn songs
like the one I have linked

But it's music; it's also up for interpretation






that didnt work like i wanted it to…


It says "Video unavailable".

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