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A series regarding life on the move. Please come and share.


What I would care to begin this with is a preface. There are times when work or circumstance drives us out of our nests and out to make new ones. As someone that's been homeless, and at times a prisoner to where I live, I'd like to discuss whatever you have regarding these, including machine specs or discarded lappies, to phones that you lived out of. Not everything need be dire, and I doubt there's anyone here gathering intel. just want to share amongst fellow lain0ns.


Setup.my setup is currently a Lenovo chinkpad t530 on a workstep stool with a 17" (15 viewable lol) lcd panel on shelving behind it. I generally just post from my bed and not much gets done besides research anymore. sometimes not even that. but she's served me well, the little lappy & screen.


Adventure.I did take it on a trip recently in which there was never enough juice to make it through the day. I wish I had had an inverter in my car. Just skimmed power/wifi from Denny's or McD's. Found some very interesting hotspots around town in which i'll detail later, amonst other things, as maybe I'll go into some of past maybe not.Don't really want to tripfag but if i see other posts I'll come up w/ something. BBL <3


OP here. going into more detail regarding myTrip.My phone had been basically useless the entire way down. I drove South into GA from chicagoland. it's a long drive almost a day if you take breaks. so i was using it as navigation as well but just copying down gmaps on occasion when i could. the place where i ended up kind of turns into a warzone at night. but it has a unique culture there and the economies that keep the money stashed within them are interesting.


Trip02It's mostly gang culture there, and has a lot of history with competing spanish/ black influences. also has a lot of hotels, which almost all the seedy ones have sex rings running out of them.for w/e reason call it my anxiety or stupidity, i had some kind of deathwish when looking into a hotel i found which had an unsecured wifi with ip cams that were being traced back to some guy's phone. they seemed to have a lot of security around the back but not the delivery entrance.you could see the girls come out of there, gave a sob story about cleaning the rooms. one of them was pregnant. they weren't dressed like that either, however. and also leaving at noon seemed suspect too. i gave her a few bucks, also so she wouldn't use her phone to tip the guys off i was skulking around. i had to keep my car around due to the numerous carjackings that take place in the area.


I'd wanted to pursue more active surveillance but found myself in between a rock and a hard place with not being passive prior. So i ended up making a big nothingburger of the whole thing, but still have a semi interesting story out of it i guess. Would have been cool to take over the whole thing and then either mine bitcoin or shut it down or give some data over to the police. i did happen to tip off my bud to it though, maybe she'll manage something if she can stop being such a hausfrau.


Future I find myself in similiar circumstances to last year. I don't really have any job prospects, but necessity to move out.I have multiple criminal avenues i could pursue. Very few if any legitimate ones. But I'll do whatever it takes.My friend needs me. They're not without their problems, but I imagine if we had complimentary skillsets in addition to me taking work where i could, something might be possible. This is a pipedream though. It's what I see instead of the very likely reality that I'll be alone. It'll be hard not to succumb to drug use, especially once my tolerance builds for what i'll need to treat my anxiety. Taking advantage of somewhere that's ok with weed would be much better i think. And I need objective permanence, meaning that my reasoning has to remain intact for me to subsist upon others success.I'll likely build out systems as needed. Eth is doing well right now, and from there i could scope out an asic setup, which would be semi portable as well


Future02I haven't given up so far. I'm an oldfag of sorts, and I've traveled quite a bit. invested time in underground networks. It's...just a matter of being ok with being obsessed/focused again.Generally i barely eat/sleep and I say almost everything that I think, even if it might be hurtful. I can be kind of feral too. I just want to make it. I'll detail something later i think but for now this is enough, I believe. I want to give someone else a chance to contribute, if they feel up to it.


I am seriously considering building my own portable router, to capitalize on existing wifi structures but for w/e reason they suck due to lack of signal or the stupid security keys. Just need something that's automated however, so that when I do recon on an area, I can be focused on other stuff instead of having my face buried in my laptop.If anyone has any ideas on this, I'd love to hear it, and if I find something I'll report back. Ciao.


Low light photography/ video. Probably going with whatever is cheaper tbh for right now.a visible reasonably clear 1080 still will do ok going on a blog/website. the sensors on a cam tend to be much better as well, usually better than dslrs unless you're going a lot higher in price.cellphone + kit is just lol. puny sensors with lack of shutter control sweet.


no idea when the cam idea will go through but checking pawnshops around a more major city should prove fruitful. sometimes you can get a deal on something they didn't know how to price.ofc there's CL/ebay but sometimes they are less than helpful, opting simply to get resell value on their glass rather than helping another photographer out. Lenses are still too expensive even though the tech on stupid body is el cheapocams seem to be immune to this fluctuation, though a mirrorless would be great if i could find it or maybe go through a photo shop for my lenses as they will either rent you them or you can do split payments.Hope this helps someone.


busy fundraising at the moment. searching for housing. figuring out what i want to do with that portable router. wifi pineapple might be easier at this point, but i didn't want to rule out anything.will be choosing a couple of cameras. a bodycam b/c they're relatively cheap. and then the best camcorder i can buy for 2-300. low light performance is generally determined by sensor size and megapixel density (lower is better in this case). i don't really care for canons i don't think. after using the powershot sx510 (a point n shoot w/ an awesome zoom lens) i was really disappointed in how the low light perf was. it had amazing detail for day shots though. might be going with a sony instead b/c their sensors are generally better even if they might be smaller in that price range. they seem to produce less noise than the canon as well, although really this is just for documentation.


i just grabbed a lot of initial data about what i wanted on bhphoto just b/c it's easier for comparison and has more of a camera focus anyway.i bet if i did some hunting esp. locally or around pawnshops, ebay/CL, i think i could find something halfway decent maybe better. at least i know what i'm looking at b/c it's generally assumed that ppl don't know what they're looking at for cameras nor do the sellers with exception to say a camera store, which is certainly an option.


>>685What kind of criminal pursuits? I may be in the same boat... >>685>>686Oh, wow, you say research and Obsessed/focus with a love of weed? Are you me? You also prefer to being alone and don't eat much? Are you me but from the future?


1) low risk, low reward. i like the idea of controlling hundreds of nodes, uniquely crafted, miners guarded safely by limiters. but who knows what i'll get into past that. passive income is such a nice idea...2) yes. i will tell you spending months without the Wired is no joke btw. that felt like going back in time. I will add this. doing this "for real" is very different, and i feel every ounce, every pound of gear i carry. mapping out data/resource points are a must and make everyone who follows in your footsteps much much easier. Sometimes the homeless can be alright, cool even, mostly indifferent, some are malevolent. i try to stay away from addicts/drunks -- this has nothing to do w/ my feelings on weed as i don't even classify it as a traditional drug. staying out of the cold is hard, sleeping on concrete is even harder, you'll have to at some point so that extra coat that's a little too fashionista due to length might come in handy. skids will also help.


tent cities are generally ruled by whomever has control of the preferred drug of choice. in seattle, there were the tribes, in chicago, the gang of the day seems to latch on to w/e they can scam out of the people in the lowers. I like my freedom, and i like other ppl who like their freedom, even if they're a little oatmeal. Protection from the elements is crucial, you'll always need to travel on the worst day to do it lol. So get used to ganking heavy duty contractor bags so you can cover your bag/lappy/electro stuff that's not fond of liquids. you can spray these down w/ scotchguard or something like it, even cooking spray to make the bags even more resilient your shit will get wet, maybe not your prized possessions, but your coats, boots, socks etc, so have patience of a saint along w/ a cooperative retailer or maybe just have a fire at some point.


choosing the correct type of tent is crucial. never go too big. it's easy to squeeze a friendo/girly if you need to, but they're impossible to get warm. heavier duty the better. coleman makes good ones, that are easy to setup from my experience. have enough space for a lantern of some sort, your small workspace (as the resident tech of your group you will be fixing everything), pet/person of choice (which really they don't need much). air mattresses are comfy af and worth the investment. Learn how to make a hotpot of noodles into something gourmet, 100 ways to cook ramen is a best seller on Amazon. it's almost like a lot of ppl have been to prison lol. microwave popcorn bags can be resprayed and then pastry dough can be used for stuffed w/e.


sorry if this is all mundane shit, but the tech is a little slower to come in actuality. it just happens organically, little bits when you need them. ppl need wifi, something needs to get fixed, phones reset, etc. just be ready with at least 3 workable CHEAP solutions. Until next time. -- hope you're still around 726.



don't be weirded out when you see all the familiar faces. Sometimes the people you thought you'd never see again end up turning up mysteriously. The bottom... well we all hit it sometime. It's important also not to judge, i never thought i'd be locked up, to have everything stripped from me, and now that i'm out i'm just struggling to find the answers why whilst also attempting to save myself instead of another person. A shelter near me is providing weather amnesty and i go to another to get a couple meals/day, if time allows. It feels odd, not just figuring it out on my own, and receiving with graciousness. I always managed to sort out my own thing, but I've been forced into this it seems. Later chummers


Once again, I suppose I let my expectation get the better of me. That's a nasty habit that should be broken already. Just like a great many other ones that just refuse to die. We form habits, which form our destiny, I've been told. As far as my life on mobile, it's been doing so-so, more responsibility being taken on and thusly more reliance upon official channels for support rather than having the time for my own devices.Living out of a phone is possible, but not nearly as comfy as the lappy, and long days spent at the local library, whiling away hours happily, in relative comfort/safety. Eventually I will get a few things, which will make things easier. https://www.amazon.com/GL-iNet-GL-AR300M-Pre-installed-Performance-Compatible/dp/B01K6MHRJI/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1511971601&sr=8-4&keywords=usb+powered+routerthis looks very promising. plenty of power and a well kept firmware/support network


there's also a TP-Link onehttps://www.amazon.com/TP-Link-Wireless-Travel-Extender-TL-WR802N/dp/B01N5RCZQH/ref=dp_ob_title_hi?th=1I like this one less. Though if it's anything like the guts of its successors an openwrt install would be trivial but I'd rather not if possible. Eventually, my trust level will be sufficient that I will be entrusted with the keys to the Wired of little abode, but for now I'm not so indispensable. Sometimes I wonder if anyone knows who I am. That I suppose is the other lesson for the day, friends. While it isn't necessary to let your full power level out, you need to find a role and fill it, or if necessary, clear enough space to have a place for you. Be a beacon in all this darkness, the light of our education/training/skill along with our compassion will be sufficient. And as long as we're wielding swords well, our enemies will be cut down before they ever can approach. Take care.


One more thing. While it's not necessary to buy a wifi pineapple any longer, the hardware/software being very ironed out at this point,it's on sale during the holidays, if you want something very together/ polished. The nano is a pretty nice piece of kit, as I'm sure the other more expensive models are. That coupled with your juicebox of choice should suit anyone's needs.


Late nights suck. I'll be looking into c programming later for sure. It's been awhile you could say. Patience is the virtue to have these days. Sometimes difficult, though always necessary.I've met someone. I distance myself for a multitude of reasons, but the foremost being I don't dare hurt them like so many others.This is real guilt unfortunately, not put upon by the forcefulness of codependency, so not a write off.I know full well the nature of my monstrosity, and I've burned so many bridges getting here.I don't want or need answers/help/care, just spaces and there just isn't any room for it where I am.


Just got a postcard from South America. I don't speak Portuguese but I could learn.When I drop all this gear and learn to travel light. I'm trying.Hope you're well.


As the snow falls on Christmas Eve, I have an update. Spreading wifi nodes through battery operated routers with a refreshed power and password list should be fairly doable, but i lack h/w to test. Openmaps api could be useful but gmaps is mature.Could just be a highres image with a legend too. Getting chased around by security was fun the other night as i grabbed some more files for sifting.Found a few hideyholes while out too but it was late and my camera sucks. Will upload if interesting.Need work soon and i hope my friend stays in contact. Wish i could offer more support, things are hard/busy here. Merry Christmas Lainons.


Hi. Haven't given up on this place yet. Everything is temporary anyway. I'm attracted to the idea of working in a team, each of us covering each other, in terms of digging and infosec. I'm working on it slowly. Once I have work my stress level should go down, and I can make more time. I do better under structure, my own too, and if I have a monetary stream I can do more.One of my team members I have history with, this is both a block and a plus. I need strategies to deal with that, so I don't fuck up again. Some others are local, one I don't trust or understand lol, but eventually, we'll parse each other or part ways. There's another programmer in the area that I'm reaching out to.I hope koi doesn't shit this up like the discord, but whatever is in the cards, I guess I'm prepared for the worst. I'm cool with elsewhere too, this was just convenient and not under lens.Bye for now and thanks for all the fish


>>824In what ways have I shit up the Discord if I may ask?And I'm trying to keep the new Wirechan as close to this one, with changes of course. But I want it to be appealing.You can reach out to me, I guess?

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