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Mebious now up and running! Access the wired.


An online graveyard. Dusty servers still powered. Strange locals. A digital temple containing records of the Wired's past. Good for chatting, exploring, admiring the beauty of it./need help entering? http://users.worldsonline.com/jimbly/index.htm http://smurfyworld.no-ip.com/jett//other info/links https://uboachan.net/og/res/443.html http://www.teamavolition.com/topic/5301-worlds-the-rabbit-hole-of-gaming/


I have visited worlds.comAncient 3d stuff like this.Kind of funny... people there are a bit crazy hehe.


this game is sooky


I've been meaning to visit for a long time



spooky D:


i used to hang around on there a lot, the people are nice.. this is one of the screenshots i took back then


Seems interesting, I will definitely do some exploring.


Worlds can be spooky, I once was wandering all night there. Met a guy with very weird, spider like avatar and he showed me some stuff. Most people just stand and do nothing tho.


File: 1556503178979.gif (8.95 KB, 273x300, 1337641963252.gif)

Do you know about Nexialist?




>>922 i know about this game just because of Nexialist, LOL


Does this thing work through central server, and exists since 1995 without major malware problems? The map files for each "world" could be hosted anywhere as I've seen, a regular zip archive (http://users.worldsonline.com/jimbly/custom/custom.htm), but how do you see who's visiting same "world" map as you? Rather strange system:
+ it's not quite like games where map files, user avatars and user interactions within each map explicitly belong to central server, e.g. in Roblox
+ neither it is hosted on independent servers like Minecraft, Garry's Mod, BYOND where minimal and optional interaction with central server is required (for skins and account info)
+ is it more akin to "virtual presence" systems like Dissenter or Google SideWiki where your client application reports to a central server that you're visiting a certain webpage, and then you can add comments, or in case of worlds.com - report your character position and write to chat so other players would see you. It does work with any "world" as long as all users share same map file?
My question is: when central server stops existing, would users be able to interact with each other or not and have there been efforts to make standalone servers?

Damn, so many of these old virtual world games and MMOs are destined to vanish one day. At least we have WoW, Runescape and Ragnarok Online servers preserved by pirates.

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