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talking about what Lain would theoretically use:what she would use now is way different than the show. i think she definitely would [use bsd]. i think she would write her own tables and run openbsd like a madman. or run a hardened kernel of Gentoo compiled herself with use flags. Or maybe a version of Arch she could script to setup within minutes; small portable with limited attack surface. she would use whatever works, and throw away her work in an instant if she knew she could get more performance. her interest wasn't in protecting herself after all, it was in reaching as many as she could as fast as she could.




GhostBSDDomain/OSInfernoMinix PhantomOS


>>384Never underestimate the power of autism






>>381>>394>>448How would she connect to The Wired if there's no network support in TempleOS?


>>528 maybe she wrote a network stack for iti mean she did literally create an AI of her father, it's not far fetched




CoplandOS was essentially just NeXTSTEP, so she would use OSX lmao. FreeBSD or OpenBSD with a nice GUI installed are the closest things today.


Lawrence Eng did quite an extensive write-up of this topic http://www.cjas.org/~leng/apple-lain.htmAs her system evolves she goes from a complete beginner to literally a god. To start it would be any typically pre-installed OS. Once she starts upgrading her system with custom hardware it's quite likely she would use a unix-like variant. When she gets into clustering the type of system could be anything from a simple hadoop setup to a full fledged cluster management platform.Beyond this she limitless capabilities, leveraging Eiri's KID System and protocol 7 where an OS just wouldn't be relevant.


i like the stuff being done with vagrant or docker. lightweight authenticated audited streamlined basis then just the software layer being built in.there was something else that i have, that you can actually separate calls to go into another "vm" thus isolating it like useflags in gentoo. fuck my memory. i blurt it later it was definitely unix-y prior to the bsd-ing of apple that it was written, but she went a lot further than that, even creating methods of interaction

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