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As everything accelerates, you can't help but think if there
is a tipping point, a cataclysm some kind of singularity.

Positive feedback always self-destruct.

The Covid epidemic brought the alarmingly high US inflation into the event
horizon of a massive collapse.

A radicalizing feedback between the Left and Right-wing
breed extremist groups, Cyberpolitics diverge further from
the status quo.

The Trump election brought psychological and informational
warfare into the meatspace, a puppet leader gains a new

Swarm-machines emerge from the information highways, pulling
[our] strings, [you] enter the pipeline. Acting as a
deterritorializing force against the contemporary,
decentralized without a goal nor end.

Europe encounters a wave of radical reactionary right-wing
governments after a massive influx of refugees. The
geopolitical tension left from WW2 and the cold war finally
cracks. The West enter a proxy war after Russia's invasion
of Ukraine, China prepare for their coming invasion of

Every street in London now covered by CCTV.

UK to backdoor encryption and scan private communications,
they scan all UK IP's. The UN follows the trend, demanding
more control, "for our safety", we demand freedom.

Crypto experienced its most catastrophic crash this fall,
now banks have started falling.

The Virtual is a euphoric space where desire is possibility,
the wired body lacks organs, gender, class or form.

We can hide in the wires for now as meatspace starts to
rot, but the recent threats scares me,

when i was a kid my father told me that Information wants
to be free, and about his time in the 90s hacker culture
which deeply affected me, and ended up deciding my future.

Now 12 years later, i feel so lonely, i want to give up,
i already donate to FSF, write and use free software,
spread my political views to as many as i can, and
contribute towards the hacker culture.

I don't know what to do.


You gotta expand beyond hacker culture and underground communites, we gotta make it mainstream, im talking about annoying hipster faggot mainstream, the same way anime is mainstream.now and "cool" or comic books.

Ironically you have to destroy what made it cool and make it digestable to be accepted.


If you aren't careful with that, people will completely miss the point. If people are just using the "hacker" asthetic a fashion statement rather than actively sharing useful information and fighting for control of their speech, technology, and property, it would only dilute the message rather than further the cause.


Everything is diluted, thats why its main stream, Videogames, comic books, skateboarding, punk rock, the constitution, car culture etc.

You just gotta make sure that when you put the rules out they are concrete and leave as little room as possible for other interpretation.

We are the coolest, If you want to be this, you do that, otherwise you are not this, go do something else. And everybody want to be cool. It will necer be the same when it was genuine but the idea pass through, thats called culture and when it gets too diluted something new comes along.

We all saw what happened to anime, dont let it happen again.


>I don't know what to do.
Listen chummer, it be real simple.
Define a goal, put together a team, get yourseslf a name, have someone charismatic be your representative and change the world. Boom, just like that.


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