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neon dripping green dark black hidden lair
astral hyperstition techopsycomancy time sorcery
trauma constant surveillance cybernoia dialectic meltdown
touch and the look in someone's eyes is more powerful than words
the threat of isolation and psychic torture constantly looms over
scavenging the streets for tech, fabrics, metals, anything useful
returning to the hidden cold dark lair, slipping between cracks in walls and fencing
people in the flesh seem like shallow holograms of divine beings that could have been
there is more genuine connection in cyberspace
behind the screen people can show their true self, yet in the flesh they like scared prey
interdimensional being walk the streets as thought forms and electromagnetic ghosts
memes and ideas take form as gods on earth
time is broken, being from other planets and realms walk along side us, most choose not to believe
mass hypnosis is in full effect, psychic powers are public knowledge, but many choose not to believe
clues hidden in plain site hint upon the astral laybrth in architecture and symbology
mass hysteria, resources becoming more scarce
something is wrong, there is a cosmic terror in plain sight, no body acknowledges the elephant in the room

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