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Lainchan has a web ring, we should have our own.

If someone knows how to make one, I've got a couple of sites that might want to be a part of it.

Lets make the internet cool again!


File: 1676972775253.jpg (64.8 KB, 1087x768, dff35808da2b447fdd9f0ce677….jpg)

i don't have a site unfortunately but i know some very cool and niche sites, i just don't know the owners. why not joining the lainchan webring though? both communities are very cool and i'm sure each has a lot to share


>why not joining the lainchan webring though?

I don't blame you for being a newfag, I really don't, but lurk more before you post. Lurk moar, look around, then you will find your answer. REPENT!



i dont get it, can you explain


File: 1677002091333.png (9.75 KB, 150x150, 1656879768292-0.png)

honestly, i dont see what a webring would bring to our site. we have our affiliates in the chan-space and personal sites already have their own webrings respectively.
due to the fact, that you dont seem to understand which kind of faggottery is outlined in the linked site, i presume that you are a faggot yourself.


if you don't answer the question i will assume you don't have an answer.


i don't get it is that the old admin of the chan? did he sell the chan in 2015?



Why don't you lurk? The relevant answer its within this very website, the thread its still up. I refuse to spoonfeed you, you are not a baby.
Give a Man a Sauce, and You Feed Him for a Day. Tell him to lurk moar, and You Feed Him for a Lifetime.

Learn to fend for yourself.

Because it makes small pockets of federated cultures instead of super inactive places that could share their users but still have their own unique cultures and as a pushback of a big one fits all type centralized internet? Also because its cool?


>Why don't you lurk?
i dont have time for that plus this place isnt that interesting for me to read through hours of retardation to find an answer someone can give me in two seconds if they decided not to be a faggot for once in their life.


Yet you crave for said faggot to give you information, interesting.


That was the lainchan.jp domain split right?


>small pockets of federated cultures

I am not sure if those are a thing that its public anymore, people just tend to use their private invite only discords nowadays, even most personal forums are invite only nowadays too.

>Can u tel me
>Here are the ways you can find that info
>you are a f4ggot, but tel me anyway

I would love to be a fly on your wall to see you interacting with people in real life.
Turn it off for a bit, go kiss your beautiful wife, maybe take her out for a nice dinner, wake up in the morning and look at her sleeping while she breaths on your chest and remind yourself that everything its alright, then come back and post when you are more relaxed.

Wrong, this was one of the many things that led to it. The video in the link just cemented a lot of things that people wondered about.


ITT 4chan kids fighting each other, just go back if you want to spread your narcissism on the internet.


How come you keep self dunking?

The lainchan split happened way after.


OP here can we keep it within the topic of webrings, we don't need to derail because a newfag its being a newfag.

The idea for webrings Its mostly to get web spaces to interact with each other instead of people just having their isolated spaces where only 5 to 10 people see it.


Who the hell cares? Grow up. Kalyx was a good admin while this jinteki guy was just some wrecker, I bet he got a fat paycheck from his FBI handler for making that site.


Thats not even remotely what it its about, did you even watch the video on the link? Do you know where that money in the pics came from? You're trying way too hard to fit in. Why can't you just lurk?


link to the thread?


I like webrings OP, I would be inclined to be part of it as long all of the other sites aren't about retarded things.


Sometimes I feel like wirechan is on the verge of collapse. The community here has become quite toxic towards one another. Why is that? What has brought about all of the hostility compared to say, 4 years ago?


To come back to the actual topic: I could make a nice html-template, if anyone is interested.
The only difference between 4ys ago and now is that people didnt get this mad at internet bait back then. Go outside, folks!



People not understanding that this is an anonymous board and spilling their beans but without the accontability a forum gets its what makes most of the slap fights.
Its probably all the blog posts,the fatlus thread, on the covid thread, on the anime rec thread are all the same formula, people talk about the topic, some guy makes it extra personal for no reason, people dunk on him, thread derrailed. My schizo theory its that its all that same guy but its probably not, its probably people from /comfy/ style boards that want escapism and end up getting made fun off. But to be fair we have threads from 2017 when people were still dunking on each other, and i remember some from before the koi reset, although those ones feel more like some og trolling than straight up dunks, but a that time people weren't blogposting so there would be no details to really dig in.
We're already had spats with lamechan and even /late/ (although that one was a bit unwarranted if you ask me). Its just the way the board culture developed, Wirechan seems to attract that dying sub set of cyberpunk/lain fans that are on the realism side rather than the escapism side of it.

Look at this thread.
>somebody ask a question
>lurk moar
>info its posted(that is a alley oop, most boards wont give you that courtesy)
>Guy complains about the fact he is not spoonfed, calls people faggots, blogposts.
>people proceed to dunk on him
>thread derrailed

The communicator thread where some anon had a cool tech thing to show now its half people doing therapy and half people dunking on some guy named digital tears.
Even during the vcxl saga blogposting wasn't as rampant.


I have a website that would be interested on it.

So thats at least 1


This is the last thing im gonna say it off topic but that started with the tranny wars, the tranny was the first one with the huge blogposts that turned poland thread style trolling to foul play personal attack dunking.


>I think
>proven to me
>my online life
> I wouldn't

And who the fuck are you?
I was gonna make a actual reply to this but this is just another blogpost, you don't need to annouce you're leaving, just leave nobody knows who you are its an anonymous board.

If a nice community constitutes of you having a place to vent and hoping that people will simply cheer an therapy you through it then I don't want wirechan to ever be nice. We are here to discuss things, not your personal life. If you really want to vent make a vent thread but stop spilling your beans all over the place, it ruins it for everybody else.

Do we need a domain for it?


It would be cool to NOT be associated with any other chans and just to have hobbyst sites and foums, or even some gimicky sites, just something fun Without the alt chan baggage and people(except for wirenons of course love you all).


>I was gonna
>I don't want
>We are
You also clearly missed the fact that the post was meant as guidance to OP, not a "blogpost", Mr. Spokesman of Wirechan


OP here, with all due respect i did not ask you for any guidance or help, just about a webring. If you are the same guy that keeps derailing threads with your blogposts then please cease posting, its really annoying.


I don't think we necessarily NEED a domain, it would be cool to have But you can just add it to the respective websites if its too much work.


Are you fucking autistic?
You made it personal you idiot, yout don't know the difference between exposing a opinion and sperging?
Thats it, you're gotta be the fucking suicidal retard that always derails everything, you feed on this because there is nothing else going for you other than your suicide attempts. I refuse to interact with you, it will be just like in real life, everybody else talks with each other while you're stay in the corner watching longing for a feeling. Stay empty.

Now as far as on topic goes: Would it be a themed webring or does any thing goes? Should it be lain themed sites only or?(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)


Frends frends there is no need to fight, we are all frens here.

Lets get this webring going1!1!!1!


Let us discuss this further
1) Does a website that wants to participate in the webring need to be of a specific theme or tone?
2) Do we want some banner or badge for each site? If so, what resolution?
3) Will we maintain some sort of file with all the websites (as in JSON or YAML) or will everyone add them from the thread themselves?
4) Do we get rid off the above and come up with something unique instead?


That's fine, but I fail to see how my post wasn't about the webring.


Henlo i have a forum that would join.


1) I think it should be SFW, and definitely away from alt chans and their baggage. No neo nz websites, tankie or anything like that. I think a light cyber/alt tone over it might be cool.
2) It would be cool to have banners but that would depend on the individual owner if they are artistically inclined or not, last thing you would want would be real good ones beside stick figures, I think any readable resolution its fine, or we could have oldschool geocities type buttons.
3) A person of trust should probably maintain it, adding and removing at their discretion. Other wise it might just get spammed or bloated.
4)If you have an idea i am all ears.


Deep wirechan lore, but it actually started in the l*licon thread where people kept telling this pedo to harakari in creative ways, That was understandable because l*licons deseve the rope, but it opened being mean as an option to post.

I agree with this message, lets all be frens, i am proud of u guys for making something cool like a webring. Lets keep wirechan cool!


Soo, is this happening?


Good question


let's share some personal websites? Once we have at least 5 I can make a ring page.


I would like to know who would've be in charge of it first.


Us as a community, I guess? Can't force someone to maintain it.


Not force it but step up, its just gonna be drama other wise:

>lets keep this website despite them being questionable

>ill get all my friends to vote in for my gay furry website
>i hate these guys because x




Yes but in a discussion about a subject it's better to have people that have first hand experience than a secondary source parroting something they can't verify for themselves. If you don't know just lurk and learn.

This is only one side of the story there is at least 4(5? if you count the other tard) different sides of it.

If you knew that there is more to it, you would've know the reason why its an archive and not the current page on the wiki.

Now a newfag that doesn't know might just parrot that without knowing the full extent of it and the information gets diluted, do that enough times and people might be talking about completely different things

Lurk moar exists to keep information honest and not to have the users being spoonfed a single narrative, they can find the info for themselves if they really want to know, its all public.

With that said.

>Appleman1234 is a hard-working god amongst men who actually puts in coding effort on the site and has made sure we have a functioning streaming service as well as a secondary, self-hosted IRC server for our real-time memeing efforts.

Fucking lmao


>>theres a wirechan irc?


That is too easy to abuse, a person of trust should be in charge or it will be filled with porn sites in no time.

>he doesn't know



can i join? whats the thing for it?



the wired is a place to share information




File: 1678088206287.png (6.49 KB, 88x31, banner2.png)

here is my website. I have a banner too.

For some reason it's down right now, but it usually isn't. I checked a few days ago and it was up. It's just a laptop in my parents' house, so I'll fix it next week.

Thought I would post this anyways for >>2258


File: 1678126907889.jpg (163.27 KB, 1732x1732, women.jpg)

> cuckflared


I think wirechan needs to fix the si p problem first before associating my website with it.


>he doesn't know



how about they fix their fucking radio. shit was so cash. now its down. fucking incompetent hotdoggers.


ok its own for u too, at least ik its not me.
yea i also like that radio


it's been buggy for months now with the filelist not working, but now something really blew apart :(

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