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i was standing on top of a hill. i could see a green valley below me with rolling moundss continuing to the horizon. above me was a high voltage pylon towering over me like a giant. here it looked so massive it could put skyscrapers to shame. a million cables were drawn from it, connecting it to the other pylons. like tightropes continuing into infinity.
forever before me, and forever behind.
i listened to the beastly hum of the electric current. this was the only noise from the megacity far behind me that i could still hear, even in here in the countryside. a warm summer's evening, almost tropical in temperature. it was that time of year when through the whole night it would look like an endless sunset. a fiery red glow in the distance. we were barely reaching the twilight zone.
the pylons were rusty.
almost like dead trees still standing, they stood silently without even making a creak in the wind.
like giant skeletons from the past.
still standing like they always had, sustaining life in the city while being lifeless themselves.
still standing here.
like a loyal dog waiting for its owner. even though they might never return.
still waiting,
until forever.
how the copper and steel has oxidized so shall i one day decay.
for the brief moment i am alive, i wait.
i am in no hurry.
i wait,
just to see where life takes me

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