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Anyone else ever worry that these gizmos and gadgets are just a fancy lightshow that keeps us occupied/docile while those up top steer history?

Not that they are engineered with this purpose, but they certainly seem to me to serve this role in society.


Averagre person works 8 hours a day, drives 1 hour traffic back and forth, has to do all of their chores like cleaning up and making food etc. Has no stable relationship or friendships in general outside of "he/she watches the same thing on the glowing screen like me", has not been doing an activity so if they start now they will be begginers at 30 competing with people that have been doing since their preteen/teenage years. So yea theyll either smoke a pound of cess and browse the glowing device or theyll blow their brains out.


Explain further. I'm in my mid 30s and now just breaking away from the mundane routine to do something with myself.


>so if they start now they will be begginers at 30 competing with people that have been doing since their preteen/teenage years
This is such a bullshit attitude, I'm convinced this whole "go big or go home" mentality was only memed into existence to feed people's insecurities and get them to buy the latest magic product that will help them "catch up" with their non-existent competitors. You are not competing, just enjoy learning and the activity. There's nothing wrong with being a beginner at any age, or even with staying a beginner forever.


Do you wanna be the guy on the basketball team that can't shoot?Nobody will pass to you when open.
Do you wanna be the 30yr old skateboarder all padded up going in slow motion while the others are going above your head with their milf wives and flannel shirts?
Do you wanna be that 30yr old in the beginner mountain bike section with all the children and the old people?
Do you wanna be the boxer that just gets beat up by everybody in the gym?
Do you wanna be the the guy on the book club that has only read isekai manga?
Do you wanna be the guy on the tech club that cannot boot linux?

There is nothing wrong with being a beginner or even being an old beginner, but you will never be one of the "cool" guys in the scene or even an part of it depending on what you do people will encourage you and and respect you for trying but you will never be respected by seniority or high skill level, you will be respected for trying, a participation trophy if you like, you will be just that, that 30yr old guy thats just starting, there is people that do things for years and still suck, but they know people, they are part of the scene, people already have their own cliques why would they want you in it? Why would they want to hang out with you? You cant keep up with their level, unless of course you wanna be that 30yr old hanging out with teenagers. Also depending on the sport your body might be not able to keep up regardless. Very few people completely waste their lives though to the point where they cant expand horizontaly to something similar, if you played videogames your whole life try going to a game club or a d&d group or whatever, forget rockclimbing. People might be more lenient if the reason you wasted your teens and 20s was because you were in jail, not because they like you, but because they're afraid youre gonna stab them.


People in their thirties have been out of high school for more than a decade, hopefully that is enough time to grow out of doing things for attention and won't be bothered by your childish concerns.


Then you will be that guy out of high school hanging out with people of your skill level(aka high schoolers) its not about attention, but friendship, people tend to want to be friends of those that can do the same activities they can. If you cant keep up you get left behind, sorry.


There isn't a single activity that rewards buying your way up it instead of developing skills to it other than gaming, nobody think youre cool with your $3000 basketball shoes if you cannot play, you just look retarded and desperate to get the benefits of being a veteran without putting in the time.


You would be surprised how many scams are out there targeting insecure people of all kinds of activities.


If you were not a beginner and were confident in your abilities you would not be insecure, buying things will not make you feel better or raise your skill level, you will look retarded in the eyes of your community and you will still suck. Nothing will have change other than somebody making money off you.


OP here, I think this framing in terms of time lost and inability to start late might be more revelatory of your own mindset than any systemic problem. Life is not a zero-sum game, you can't quantify time and experience down like that.

Closer to the point I was making though, I think you're completely correct in noticing how little time we actually have now. Not entirely due to any increase in working hours or responsibilities, but that the few hours of free time we do have is vied for by exploitative technology. Meaning the time we are actually left with our own thoughts is fleeting.



Time and experience gain goes exponentially backwards, the younger you are the most you soak up mentally and phisically, There is nothing wrong with starting late, but to say that its the exact same thing as starting early, being respected and part of a community, its absurd, you will never climb mount everest if you started mountain climbing at 30, you simply will not. You will not even be able to go climb a medium level mountain with all the other weekend warriors and bond that way, you will be at the gym, with a helmet and a rope and an instructor 10yrs your junior. That is assuming that you will drop everything to focus solely in your activity and not do what most adults do which is to do it on the weekends only.

Time its the most valuable resource a person has, people just choose to waste watching netflix or whatever due to normal life stress. It its easier to get satisfaction by watching a good movie than to spent years honing your craft, developing friendships, being part of something that took years to develop like petitioning for a new facility or discovering a new technique. Especially if you wasted most of your time jacking off and playing online games. There is nothing sadder than to see somebody with years worth of hours in a online game. You could've been a really good saxophone player had you spent the time wisely, but all you got to show for yourself its some pixels on a screen. Its actually really sad.


>the time we are actually left with our own thoughts is fleeting.
But if those people are left with their own thoughts they will commit suicide, they have nothing else and no means to escape. Their lives are suicide nets outside of sweatshops tier. They never had anything else to do, so its either dopamine technology or bank robbing to free more time.


What do you wanna do with yourself? What do you see yourself doing on your late 30s? There is defintely a xp threshold for most hobbies depending on age, but there is also many things in which age is irrelevant.



I definitely see what you mean, and I agree that the time spent using technology to distract oneself is fundamentally wasted. However, not all people who start things late have wasted their early years, and could've just as easily spent that time developing other, complimentary skills or their understanding of themselves.

I think I only say this because it is just as easy to see the inverse of what you're pointing out: people who spent all their early developmental years hyper-focused on some project or external goal, only to find themselves at thirty realizing they have no real developed self or outlook. Or worse, realizing that if they had spent any time coming to know themselves they would've realized they don't value that skill/project at all.

And as more of a side note, there are notable examples of people starting late who bring this fuller understanding of themselves and values to bear to their projects. My personal favourite is Kandinsky, who did not even begin creating art until the age of 30.


File: 1667837741107.jpg (108.62 KB, 700x800, tadashi-tonoshiki-barricad….jpg)

>Bread and Circuits
should be the title of a SF novel.

What spooks me about entertainment technology is how atomised it is. People used to sit in packed cinemas to watch films, families used to gather around the "wireless" (radio) and, later, the TV, to listen and watch. Friends used to meet up at the arcade and take turns on the games. Of course, all of these things still happen, but many more people own personal devices now and can cut themselves off entirely from other people, immerse themselves totally in individual entertainment. Consequently, we spend less time in public space (or perhaps "intersubjective" space if we consider a family watching TV together) and spend more time alone.

My parents remember a time when nearly everyone they knew would watch the same primetime TV at the same hour, and the next day everyone would talk about that particular episode. That's definitely gone, with streaming and personalised recommendations and the decline of conventional TV.

I don't know if this is a bad thing or not. At the end of the day, it's just entertainment.


I just want to be happy in my hobbies and be able to slowly increase my quality of life after wasting the last 15 years of my life since high school.


People who spent all their early developmental years hyper-focused on some project are usually forced on by their parents or are just as lost, i agree but that doesn't mean anything other than they also wasted their time, it does not magically bring yours back. you cannot invert the flow of time and the aging of a body and brain. At least not yet.
Kandinsky Graduated from Grekov Odessa Art School He wasn't some farmer that scraped dung all his life and became an amazing painter. Not saying that you shouldn't be allowed to, just that people should be realistic about their situation lest the midlife crisis turns into a mid life depression. Its better to prevent than to remedy, though.

And to tie it all back together, the reason people waste most of their time in this era its 90% because of technology and its easy dopamine, however what comes easy also goes easy. And easy dope always need to be refiled, its a vicious cycle. Things are only enjoyable in so far the satisfy some core need, whether directly or indirectly, I think it's gradual narrowing of their world through social isolation, eventually the only options become which braindead pieces of media to consume and all their other needs are forgotten. Otherwise what do they have?


Then be happy in your hobbies, just make sure that your expectations within it are realistic. Go out make friends blah blah blah generic advice. Turn off the computer.


Since realizing this i cannot play videogames for more than 2 hours unless i have absolutely nothing else to do, its good to wind down o a bit by playing games but after a bit it feels like you are having your time stolen from you when you could be doing literally anything else.



>My parents remember a time when nearly everyone they knew would watch the same primetime TV at the same hour, and the next day everyone would talk about that particular episode. That's definitely gone, with streaming and personalised recommendations and the decline of conventional TV.

How is that "definitely gone"? People babble on about whatever new Netflix show is big every day. Lots of times people even connect on the fact that they both enjoy a certain show on a streaming service. Those conversations are the same ones that have been around for decades, but now with the added benefit of variety. A variety that's grown with each generation. Nothing is different and nothing is gone


I haven't worked in a regular job environment for a few years now. But even back in 2019/2020 people would still do this quite often. I also hear people doing it while out in public. They'll talk about dumb shit like sports, netflix, other movies/shows, and then popular YouTubers and TikToks. Sure, it's more soulless from a perspective than what it generally was during previous generations. Still the same garbage consumerist bullshit it was 30+ years ago. Anytime that I've attempted to chime in about how "woke" a franchise is now or to persuade folks to torrent. I get a flouride stare and hear crickets as I just turn around to walk away.


File: 1676231003583.jpg (67.08 KB, 580x600, c84.jpg)

How is that different from you talking about your animes and videogames?
Excluding the fact that you have no friends to talk to about. But lets pretend you do, whats the difference?


Holy fucking shit, that's a pretty accurate post about me. I've been talking shit about Family Guy since the late 2000s and do bring up the horse wiener part from Disgaea more often then most people. Especially any time that Tactical RPGs from the PS2 era is brought up. I'm just not that fat and have more hair. Sucks I don't own an Atlus shirt, that would be pretty cool.

Anime and video games at least pre-2010 wasn't a problem. Now days it's just about as bad to be honest. They both have taken new footholds in society and I personally don't get the same enjoyment out of them that I did before. I bitch about the current state of them all the time as well. So, no I don't leave them out of the mix with the same I stated above. If anything, just pirate your anime and vidya. Find out if you like the shit and if you do, GREAT. Most likely you'll be disappointed if you're as old as a fucker like me with experiencing times when anime and games had soul. Also was more connected to a counter-culture as the internet once was as well.


That wasn't the question


Why do you go on these diatribes when presented with a straight forward question and end up not answering them? Why can't you just answer a simple question? No wonder you have no friends.


Not him but there is a slight difference, which my be cherrypicking, but I dont play vidja anymore and only watch old anime. imo the difference is that what >>2197 mentions is a hivemind spoonfed by algorithms, while oldschool gamers or otakus actively looked for individual pieces of entertainment or got hints from others who did it in a natural way. There is no hivemind and no agenda-downloading. But of course this doesnt really count anymore for the current young gens who watch anime produced by and on netflix and get games from steam


While this is true, its just what happens with everthing that gets comercialized. that does not change the fact of what those things are, the same people nowadays are also talking about those animes from 30 years ago because they like the new ones and want to feel like part of it, you can see 18 years olds talking about akira nowadays, if something its genuinely good it will get commercialized sooner or later. But that is not the question, the question was:

What is the difference between you them talking about stuff that you think is dumb vs you talking about stuff they think is dumb(excluding the fact you have nobody to talk to) Yes your thing its more catered to people that had to find it instead of being given, but so what. In a human social perspective, regardless of topic, what is the difference? Are you outside their tribe trying to join in? And if so why would that be, since you obviously can simply just find what you like?


Well once again I am not him, but you're abstracting some meta information (a thing, someone likes, others dislike) and compare it to other abstract meta information which are the same, but that doesnt male them the same. The difference isnt in the meta information but in what they are, which I said before. Its like conparing a red apple with a red car and saying
>what is the difference between a red object and a red object?
Its not dodging the question if your question dodges the point it tries to make. a commercialized medium is definitly not the same as a non-commercialized. and a hive-minded consoomerism is not the same as a dedicated consoomerism. Just because the anon youre talking too sounds like a narcissistic 19yo, doesnt mean his point is completely off.


I understand his point, and even agree with it, but the question its about:

>Anytime that I've attempted to chime in about how "woke" a franchise is now or to persuade folks to torrent. I get a flouride stare and hear crickets as I just turn around to walk away.

Why would you talk to those people, instead of talking with your friend circle that are on the same page as you instead?
That is what they do, why can't you do the same? Is there any difference between your friend group and their friend group?


Im also not him, but i think its because his friend group simply do not exist, so his only option its to talk to them, that however would cause him to be rejected.
Because lets face it, if you're identify with fatlus in any sort of way nobody will listen to you, it doesn't matter how right you are or how cool you thing is, you are simply not at their level, because even if you are the cream of the crop authority on what its kino to consume, it still just consuming, while those people will have other things to do, like friendship, sex and other activities, no matter how banal and souless he might think they are, in society, those tangible things still hold more weight than being really in depth into something, unless that something directly benefits others in a tangible way.

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