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Have you ever dumpster dived and picked up any schway shit? I built my first 2 computers out of parts I found on street.


you'd be surprised how many families throw good computers away because they get some adware virusgood pickings in my city


absolutely. i frequent a recycling center near here that processes pcs. i usually pick them up for dirt cheap. but have been known to dumpster dive. one of my finds was a dell poweredge (quad core, at the time that was fairly nice) and a 24 port switch.


>>210I was thinking of dumpster diving sometime, although not sure where tbh.


>>210yeah I picked up a bunch of xbox games in a dumpster behind a gamestop once


I saw a box of a GameCube game on the side of the road. The box looked fine, until I opened it and the disc was bent like a sandwich...


If you haven't read this yet, I encourage you to.http://www.raccoonsongs.com/Raccoon%20-%20Miscellany/Dumpster%20Diving%20book/Art%20&%20Science%20of%20Dumpster%20Diving.pdf


fyi you can't do it in the UK anymore or at least i wouldn't recommend it. recycling centers/ business auctions are more fruitful here in the states, if you're not a total poorfag. i'd recommend getting good at picking locks if you are a total poorfag and need some free h/w. or just gank your friends spare pc when they're not looking (make it look like a robbery)


>>487How many thefts do you think are done by picking locks?


some! depends on the strength of the door jamb/steel door etc. in a regular house usually a good crowbar (strong legs) will work


>>210Lucky! I would love to find some great parts in some dumpsters around here. But I live in a small redneck town where no one ever even got into computers yet now everyone has to have a damn smartphone.The only interesting find I've ever had in a dumpster is a nice bowling ball that I decided to throw off a building and let it roll into oncoming traffic just out of sheer boredom.


i found a laser.


I wouldn't recommend taking lockpicking tools, getting caught with them isn't fun.


Saved a Sega Genesis last year that had Vectorman in it. But that's been it since the early 2010s when I saved a 13" CRT that I still have in my room.

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