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File: 1664034451179.jpg (14.99 KB, 300x143, PS2_keyboard_and_mouse_jac….jpg)


I recently got a T400 Thinkpad, and despise USB. I need to know if its possible to replace 2 of my USB ports with PS/2 keyboard and mouse ports


Never heard anyone complain about usb. What's wrong with it?


He can't plug it in


To replace the ports youd also have to somehow add firmware to your computer that can parse signals coming from the new ports and give it to the software on your computer. from what i understand youd have to create some kind new device drivers and shit. it might technically be possible but i don't it'll be easy.


if you need to ask this, then no.
your best bet would be a ps2 to usb converter, although that won't solve the ghosting issue that you're probably referring to or the security concerns that come with usb.


File: 1664152420626.jpg (30.05 KB, 300x300, USB-PS2.jpg)

There you go.


Im not using a fucking USB-to-ps/2 adapter. USB is a evil upon computing


File: 1664423125737.jpg (50.82 KB, 600x450, damnright.jpg)

I support this message.


Me have monkey brian why USB bad?


USB security is broken on a fundemental level. USB devices are given too much trust by the computer


How is usb unsafe exactly if its just a key board or mouse?(unless of course thereis hidden shenanigans insde the plastic)


If your adversary has access to your physical USB port, you're kinda boned already. There's just nothing you can realistically do to protect yourself from hardware attacks. Maybe have full disk encryption and burn the key when things are plugged into the ports without holding down some special key combination…


its possible

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