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Talk about old computers or other tech you've given a new home. An old enterprise PC turn production/gaming rig, an old laptop resurrected with Linux, etc. What orphaned computer do you take care of /cy/?


Most of my gear consists of Frankenstein monsters that I've salvaged and-or repaired. Currently grieving the death of an old video card that finally fried out in an old Windows XP tower that I curb scored. It was nice to have a dedicated machine for retro gaming, not having to worry about possible wine hiccups with certain PC games and emulating older console games.
I once took in a stray that spent an entire winter outside covered in snow and ice. Thought maybe I could get a few spare parts out of it, but somehow it survived the elements intact. Not even a wrecked capacitor on the mobo from the extreme temperatures. That little miracle's hostname is snowcrash. It was going to be thrown away, but it handles some audio for me now.


I have a refurbished corporate laptop as my daily. Still spent way too much money on it.


Rocking a Thinkpad X201 Tablet with the 1GHz i5-M520UM. Have Q4OS with Trinity Desktop installed on it and it works well enough for fucking around on the internet, writing, music, etc.

Got a Windows XP/Vista box with a Core 2 E8600 and a HD 7850 setup to play older games on that I use frequently.

If it works and I have a use for it I try to keep something from ending up as ewaste.


I have an old laptop somewhere that a family member gave me because it broke. I think it has something to do with the power supply. Once I get it working again I think I use it to run some ToR relays. And when I graduate I'm going to use my old school pc as either a ToR browsing machine or more Tor Relays.


I salvaged an old tower from a horder's house on the way to the trash. Had an Intel i5 650 and nvidia 240?? by far the best PC I had at the time. Replaced the case, gave it a disc drive, got new ram and a SSD for it.

Another recover was few mini netbooks before, with intel atom's used one as my main driver for 2 years, got it a new battery, Ram and a SSD. the other one had a cracked screen I used with an external monitor, then later used it as a home server.

I mostly salvaged phones, Iphone4se, old nokia bicks, motos. Most needed a screen replacement, others new batteries, and at least two I needed to replace the charging port.

I sill have a recovered laptop from 2010 that I used up until a few months ago, I messed up permissions and removed sudo . It's in my to fix pile because I need to get files off the drive, and it can't boot anymore.


File: 1662312710019.jpg (86.18 KB, 951x923, 2c22csy3ou121.jpg)

Very nice.


Recently turned a HP t620 Thin Client into a dedicated media center running LibreELEC.


I have been very happy with the results, really do not care about 4K so it works for my needs. If I needed something that could do 4K I could of gone with the t630.


My nigga


I keep collecting 2000s monitors i see on the sidewalk, i don't even use them i just take them for the case i might need them later, i need help


are they mostly crts or lcds?


File: 1671669006476.png (941.26 KB, 1000x714, cef8bce667d8f9ea6737a16003….png)

I go through phases in my life where I'll adopt a hobby for as long as it interests me. A long time ago, I tried getting into computers, specifically vintage ones. I had a kind of fascination with Commodore at the time. It's a company I'd never heard of, so finding out they were once bigger than Apple and IBM got me hooked immediately. I also loved and still love the vaporwave aesthetic, so yeah lol kinda perfect. My goal was to buy a C64 and learn to program with it and also play some retro games, but I lost interest so fast. It was an impulse buy and I ended up selling the unit shortly after. Before the honeymoon phase was over, however, I also bought a Commodore Vic-20 and a busted Toshiba T3100e. Those I both still have till this day. The Vic-20 because I didn't feel like monitoring an ebay listing for it and the Toshiba because I figured I would find a way to fix it eventually or some shit. I was 19.

Anyways, just recently I started getting back into my vintage computer phase, this time fueled not on impulse but with genuine interest. I dug up the old Vic-20 and Toshiba, finding out through a forum that the latter was unrepairable. That just left the Vic-20, which didn't even come with a power cord when I bought it and I'm pretty sure the listing stated they weren't even sure that it worked. I think I remember buying it without the power cord because it was cheaper and I just figured I'd get lucky and it would work perfectly when I finally had enough money to get the power cord. I was 19.

I bought a power cord just recently and it actually turns on! I'm not holding my breath though because the Toshiba can still turn on too lol. Now I'm waiting for a set of AV adapters for the output slots to see if the computer itself works. If that all goes well, unlike when I had the C64, I'm gonna buy some cartridges that'll help me learn basic and hopefully gain a better understanding of computer languages and computers in general. I'll grab some games too, but not too many. I doubt I'll like them. Nothing beats the games you grew up with.


Lcds, i really like the matte ones, while crts have nostalgic value they are shit, matte lcds have that oldchool value while looking less like shit(Still looks like shit).


My workhorse is an Intel Atom board from 2010 - 17 watts and I can leave it on all day without feeling too bad about wasting power. It's mostly for Chia farming but also a secondary browser, backup storage, and my music player. I overpaid a bit on ebay for it but it came with the RAM too (DDR3 SODIMM, I didn't have any at the time).


using a crt now isn't just nostalgiabait, they beat lcds in color accuracy, response times, and other things. for the most part lcds are far more practical but for certain usecases crts are way better


Crts make eyes hurt and coocks brain

Dont stand too close to the tv1!1!!


and a lot of older games look better on CRTs too


It might be the case that a lot of older games look better on CRTs, but that doesn't change the fact that speedrunning those games feels much better on HRT.


File: 1674941204739.jpg (70.91 KB, 783x584, 1487423722783.jpg)

>>2177 >>2179 >>2180
can i look into CRTs for a new setup I'm planning on? I love the 90s / 2000s style but I never seriously looked into them. I just remember using them when I was a kid. Now you guys are raising my hopes up. Is this a stupid thing?


File: 1675025498289.jpg (307.69 KB, 1440x1079, The_Game_of_Life_Gameplay_….jpg)

Correct, its a well know strategy in the speedrunning community that using HRTs will get though "The Game of Life" faster. It lets you skip all of the important events, and go straight to the end

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