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Is SystemD really bad or is 4chan /g/ just being retarded?


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Because it's basically a mini-OS, and that means going all in, or all out.
Most people usually just want to use systemd's service gestor because it's nice, but you can't just install that, instead you have to install a bunch of garbage, because all of systemd's utilities are very much consolidated.
Overall Systemd is okay, it has pros and cons, but thanks to devs being fucking retarded, you can't just have the good things, at least not without doing a bunch of things, which can be tiresome.


It's not that bad, they just need something to be upset about.


It really is that bad because it's a portent of things to come. Linus is going to die someday.


So the problem is that it's bloated?


Yup. Bloat = more potential bugs and vulnerabilities


Are there any just works distros without it? I currently use Mint and it's the only distro I've used that has good defaults, is reliable, and doesn't make me jump through unecessary hoops to do shit. It's almost like I'm using Windows 7 again.


File: 1659337992163.jpg (23.93 KB, 548x491, 89d83cb10c5c9fa4.jpg)

Systemd is not "bloated" the way Emacs is bloated. Systemd is more like JavaScript: it's a cancerous thing that spreads to places it shouldn't.
I'm not much of an autist about this stuff and I use distros with and without Systemd but I still think it's objectively cancerous software.


>Are there any just works distros without it?
Devuan: https://www.devuan.org/

But I personally prefer Gentoo and Artix but they don't have much installed by default and they don't have installers (you need to install them "manually" by extracting a tarball and then you need to install everything you need).


Artix has installers. Though it won't help you with things like GPU drivers.


I'm using Alpine at the moment on my laptop, it has a pretty nice BSD-like installer and uses OpenRC as the init system and service manager. It's good, simple and minimalistic for a Linux distro, but what annoyed me at first was the lack of man-pages, apropos etc. in a fresh install.


One thing systemd got right is replacing the crontab, which has a crusty opaque syntax, with timer files, which are so much clearer and more explicit.

systemctl list-timers


I've been running Artix for a year or so now but unfortunately the system fried itself for no real reason 3 times now. Twice the the computer suddenly doesn't finde the OS anymore when booting and the other time I had a really weird bug that made me not use any programs, when my connectivity changed (entered VPN, LAN on/off). I don't manipulate any system files and really just install stuff via pacman.
I think I'm gonna reinstall it again, cause I really like it, but is that something that happens only to me? Or is my dual boot (not the same hard drive) the root of the problem?


Mb some issues with HDD or motherboard


SystemD has it's strength. I do like Startup, Daemon and Journaling being consolidated. Having Timers automatically Journal without having to set up a log system and having it use the same Journaling system as Startup, Services etc is handy and a tidy solution. It's interconnected service management is the reason why it's good.
It does go too far though. Including your networking agent, login manager, locale manager, firmware loader into your service manager is a bit questionable. Luckily those are optional though on some Distros like RedHat these are all enabled. The Problem really starts with the things you might not want but which aren't optional, systemd is not very modular system but stuff like libpam and dbus have snuck into pretty much every sizable distro. This has gotten so bad that a lot of Software now expects these things to be present and for the most part replacements and compatibility software for systems without exist but it's a whole lot of extra work you have to put in for not including something.

basically this

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