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Github just announced their "copilot": https://copilot.github.com/

What do you think about it? To me it sounds like someone was upset that programmers tend to enjoy the creative side of their job so they outsourced it to an AI. But don't worry, you won't loose your job, you are still useful for debugging and fixing the randomly generated mess your AI overlord produces in the name of efficiency.


I’m kinda spooked but I don’t mind. I knew that this would happen, it’s why I shy away from anything that’s not self-hosted so I’m not a part of it. Kinda excited to see what it brings since you can’t really stop it.


I wonder if it will catch on, writing specifications in natural language and then debugging the randomly generated code sounds a lot more effort than just writing the code yourself. At least when you are debugging code written by another human you can assume that they had a reason to write the code the way it is, but figuring out what the generated code actually does, is that correct, and if not, how to make it correct, sounds a lot harder.

It makes me wonder what kind of work the people excited about this do, where this is the actual bottleneck. I know that even if the AI could write the same code as I do, it wouldn't drastically change my job, because that's not the actually hard part of software engineering in my field.


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I'm not sure how the Microsoft copilot thing has been keeping up, it's banned where I work, but it is hilarious to see the internet slowly realize that this ChatGPT thing is little more than astrology at scale. If the copilot is similarly effective, that's really concerning. People always bitch about how low quality software is and I really doubt this has improved the quality. Personally I think these are dead ends and if software engineers wants to live up to their title they should stop playing around with these toys and start working on making their discipline more rigorous, because right now it is 100% bullshit driven.


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