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What is the worst thing ever happened on your PC?


I had recently a problem that the system was working properly for a few minutes and then everything freeze. It was because of my hard drive which is almost dead. And I never had a successful dual boot system with that HDD.


Taking my laptop on a plane and my harddrive getting absolutely destroyed thanks to the vibrations.


I tried scrolling with the arrow keys on the cyberpunk board

Hardly the worst thing, but I usually hit the pause key during POST and wait for the cpu to warm up / cpu fan to start working / buzzer to go quiet =3


PC just turned off instantly, and wouldn't boot. After trying various things inside, it booted, but wouldn't detect HDDs. Changed cables, SATA ports, nothing. Then it just randomly started to work again.

I hate this desktop HP.


Yeah. Prebuilt PCs can be a PITA to fix.


File: 1533686026195.jpg (23.42 KB, 349x507, ded kaos-chan.jpg)

Besides raping it with malware when I was younger:
>be new to linux
>after a few failed attempts manage to install debian
>play around with the terminal
>use amixer to change the volume since it's cool
>somehow turn amixer off and can't figure out how to get it back on because what are man pages
>try reinstalling it, doesn't work
>ask around online how to completely remove pulse audio
>"$ sudo rm -rf / –no-parse-root ; pulseaudio (lol don't do this)"
>disregard the warning
>do it anyways
At least it did completely remove pulseaudio.


Ah lol, that reminds me of another one
> be fairly new to computers still
> tinkering with custom desktop setting in 95/98?
> set the title bar to like 600 pixels high
There really wasn't anything I could do at the time to fix it except reinstall


When I was really young I tried sorting all of the files on my computer into alphabetic directories. I would also delete random programs in the Windows directory to see what would happen. It was a very long time before I could keep a computer running for years without needing to re-install everything.


File: 1534602848454.jpg (5.87 KB, 166x200, cracky-rms.jpg)

it had windows installed on it.


>several years ago
>my only computer is this shitty ancient laptop that's missing keys
>have a little milk protein shake next to me
>surf the interwebz and stuff and drink the milkshake
>decide to shake it like a madman to mix it up
>realize I forgot to put the cap on
>oh shit
>it's all over the keyboard
>at that exact moment, father walks in
>"i-i can explain"

I was not able to clean it properly and some kind of small insects started to live there between the gaps in the keyboard. It was my only pc even years after that because I was a poorfag…


It reminds of times I only had old Pentium 2 based Celeron laptop. Shit was overheating, had Win2000 and was so fucking annoying to use.


My nearly one year old Seasonic Prime Titanium 750W, 80+ Titanum rated PSU went ahead and short circuited itself. Thankfully, it originally came with a 10 years warranty, and then the replacement unit has 12 years, as Seasonic upgraded it apparently.


Yeah, mine eventually died from corrupted RAM, it's still laying in my closet… Just in case.
The warranties are p nice with those PSUs, have to give them respect.


When I was like 13 or 14 I installed a cd drive by myself. They were still a new thing at the time and I had no idea what to do, so I decided to put it in from the inside, and of course it didn't fit. I put on more pressure and shit and eventually the drive flew across the room and the case was deformed, but after realizing my mistake I got it to work just fine. Maybe not the worst but easily the most stupid thing I ever did, aside from sucking bill gates dick for way too long.


used cum instead of thermal paste. amateur mistake I suppose


I accidentally rewrote part of my disk with an Artix ISO.
Be careful when using dd, kids!


Amateur mistake? Nah, it happens to some pros too, don't worry.


I got my IP tracked (i think) and my PC started typing swear words. I was young at the time and i almost died of a heart attack. Also Hamachi randomly opened and a guy started threatening me.


Had a SSD failure where the drive was only 15 months old. Other than that a mysterious crash that happened back in '08 that I never could figure out and lost a bunch of stuff. Other than that the problems were because of my own stupidity and anger. Such as slinging my computer across my room and then putting my keyboard through my monitor over a bad break up.


>over a bad break up


Yeah, I was retarded. I know.


I once formatted my 3TB Media drive on accident while trying to format something else and thus lost all my music, shows, movies and photos.
Luckily I was able to restore some of the important stuff but man, did I feel stupid.
I was a lot younger and dumber back then though and I have since adopted double redundancy for all my files.


Damn, I'm sorry. That sounds awful.


Everybody knows dd stands for "disk destroyer"


File: 1565141079347.png (129.3 KB, 2048x2048, 7e5e6f7e099f264d3d901e3883….png)

Listened to my idiot friend about downloading Teamviewer.


File: 1565141235843.gif (151.78 KB, 400x267, 1548982492227.gif)

TeamViewer is trash. I had a friend who tried to get me to download that as well. Straight up didn't bother or trust it from the get go and then heard about the incident that happened with the users not too long later. Also I'm craving some coffee now, thanks.


File: 1566166834829.png (82.13 KB, 461x660, giant-bug.png)

>use OpenSUSE on laptop
>have version with bleeding edge package updates, called Tumbleweed
>some things are a bit buggy
>decide that I should use the stable version of OpenSUSE instead
>want to downgrade from within the current system
>change all my repositories to the stable ones
>perform normal update, which will downgrade things to the older, stable packages
>what can go wrong?
>package manager gets round to downgrading glibc
>attempt to start it up again
>could not load libc-2-26.so
>slowly realise that I have just deleted the version of libc against which almost every program in the entire system was compiled
>also realise that almost every program in the entire system needs libc
>kernel panic on reboot
>after desperate measures in rescue mode, give up and install Debian


ouff, I physically cringed reading that and sucked in air through my teeth. I totally get that and have also fucked up many a installations by messing with repositories and dependencies.


File: 1575616619409.png (312.3 KB, 389x386, 1523049622506.png)

ouchhh. that hurts

similar thing happened to me yesterday on my debian system, i accidentally* removed libc6 and couldn't reinstall it because both apt and dpkg need it

*completely ignored the warnings


I used to regularly thrash my HDD by distrohopping and overwriting it with a new OS every 1-2 weeks. HDD promptly died after a year or 2 and I've now installed Fedora on a SSD and just stuck with it. Distrohopping is a meme :C


I had most trouble with PSUs popping.


>I used to regularly thrash my HDD by distrohopping and overwriting it with a new OS every 1-2 weeks.
How does that work? A distro install isn't a lot of data, so one every week can't add much to your average write rate.


I never bothered with thumb drives much, usually because I didn't have one around most times, so I had a separate partition on the disk that I wrote the ISO to which I would boot from. From there I would install whichever distro to the rest of the disk. I basically was writing 3 separate copies of the distro iso/files to the same disk every time I hopped.


>be 8
>Wanted to make stupid stick figure animations with lazer effects
>thought Macromedia Flash was free software so I googled it
>literal site I stumbled upon had a “THIS DOWNLOAD MAY HAVE A VIRUS” banner
>download anyway
>thousands of error messages
>smash that motherfucking like button for 00’s internet


I went through something similar XD

>be me, 9 years old

>get a cheap Dell laptop for Christmass
>Immediately search up "Minecraft for free"
>go to the first website, already looking sus
>download it without a second thought
>computer becomes very slow for some reason
>see that I have a new app with a pink dolphin logo
>didn't get minecraft for free but I got a lot of popups of sexy gurls on every webpage ;)

We all learn about internet safety eventually…


>What is the worst thing ever happened on your PC?


was trying to install drivers for my disc drive on debian and I fucked up my xfce and got it to boot into the command line by default. I had to type “startx” to get my gui to appear again.


I think my PCI slot is close to dying, my graphics card only works half the time. I'm too poor to buy a new motherboard, let alone PC…


I burned through the mobo of my thinkpad trying to solder the bios lockout chip





It once froze when I played chess.


Installed DOS 6.2 over my windows 7 by accident


Multibooting FreeDOS, Win7, WinXP, Kali, ReactOS, and Xubuntu on the same Thinkpad HDD.


When I was like 13 I experimented with 3L1t3 h4x0r tricks like batch "malware". So I basically wrote a .bat that would delete all drives and saved it in a hidden folder directly besides the porn folder. One glorious day I had an intense boner and needed to fap FAST. I accidentally clicked on the batch file and that was it.
Of course back in the days I had ALL of the good winXP malware sooner or later. Best one was that pajeet scam that made your computer boot into a bluescreen saying you need to buy some shit or call a specific number. Good ol' times.


Haha lol.
Imagine if the pc said:
"Hard drive deleted because of horny.exe
Go to horny jail."


Made the genius move of trying to install some ram into my computer after a night of drinking with my friends. I did not seat one of the ram sticks all the way, and killed it when I turned the computer on. Did not do any damage to anything but the one stick of ram.


File: 1666762083410.png (342.64 KB, 624x594, 20180519151841-5e51e870-me.png)

>not downloading ram directly online to avoid hardware damage


I have since learned the errors of my ways. If I had only known I could download ram sooner I could of avoided so much needless pain and suffering.


>need new laptop for uni
>get an msi because it had pretty good specs for the money
<comes with malware pre-installed :-DD


Do you mean Windows? Did you have to pay extra for it?


File: 1667422952045.gif (171.38 KB, 462x554, iamscaredbitches.gif)

I has MSI laptop. Fear intensifies….


nah some useless audio driver junk that cant be uninstalled as well as some security trial that pushes pop ups all the time thats annoying af


I had of ot those cheap big pc cases and was missionaring this fat bitch on top of it and it broke the motherboard snapped and the cooling went everywhere


File: 1668800375628.gif (1.52 MB, 498x356, goodtimes.gif)

This is why fucking fat chicks is wrong. Something always pays the price.


I got a sweet deal on a used 3TB HDD on eBay. Fucking thing fried a SATA port on my motherboard.


I shot my computer with a 12 gauge shotgun to let the daemons out before they could further corrupt my mind. So in the end it was for the good of mankind. No regrets.




i downloaded the monkey anti virus on windows xp and a bunch of monkeys would be on my screen until my dad reseted everything


I coded my own Bonzi Buddy in 2003 that was free and open source. I promoted it alongside Bearshare in 2003 as grapeape.exe

The torrent existed till around 2007 but I deleted it. Not sure if anyone still has a copy out there. I'd imagine there's a few. You'll just have to dig a little bit perhaps.


Oh no not the deamons in microprocessors


I had avast on it as as kid and it would slowdown the by then 10 year old pc from the early 90s


one time somebody hacked into the mainframe

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