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What got you into Linux?


4chan's /g/.


ew 4/g/ is terrible


Well, at least it introduced anon to Linux.


The edginess of sticking it to Microsoft.


I dual boot for vidya but honestly switching to Mint as my primary OS was the best decision I ever made

Yeah, still 4chan though kek


I bought a Chromebook for school back in the ninth grade, it was cheap. Wanted to play counterstrike so I used a script from some Google dev to dual boot the thing. Was worth it and I got into linux from there.


When I was a kid, my dad and I put together a computer and set up Kubuntu on it. I'm not sure what inspired him, given he's never really used Linux.


also the customization and a good terminal kek


f r e e d u m b


I first used on a raspi.
I kept getting more into it because of the full range and motion that it gives me when i'm using it.


I read the GPL2, went 'oh, this is cool', and then decided to use linux.

No, seriously. This actually happened.


Years ago my dad showed me ubuntu, I picked up my old laptop with it still dual booting one day and fell down the rabbit hole.


Actually Lain.


My friend convinced me to try and since I like tinkering with shit, I instantly took a liking to it.


i wanted to try installing it but i'm afraid that my autism will cause some bad shit to happen to my pc


Embrace autism anon, and enjoy it, it is the way to clean your soul from the outside world contamination, soon you wil have a healthy diet based on pizza an yo wil become unable to speak in the same language as normies do.


>healthy diet based on pizza
>unable to speak in the same language as normies
Aboslutely based, sign me up.



My master gave me a CD with Ubuntu4.something and told me about the libre software and the philosophy behind it.


Reading tales of hackers causing trouble on UNIX mainframes.


Got tired of all the problems Windows was causing me and I had been browsing /g/ for a while at the time(~6 years ago). Decided to try it out and haven't looked back :)


I was trying to recover an old all-in-one windows 8 pc I owned, it was bloated with crud and could barely run. I uninstalled windows and put linux mint on it, distrohopped a bit, and never looked back. No regrets


I've read about it in a sci-fi novel and thought it looked cool. Around the same time I got my hand on a Pentium II computer and some guy gave me a copy of a Red Hat 5.1 CD. I also found a dial-up modem but without the floppy disk with the drivers for Windows 98.
Linux just worked. I also wanted to learn C and there was already everything I needed in the Linux disks, no need to pirate Borland.


Which year are you talking abou? and what novel btw.


1997 and I think I have installed Red Hat 5.0 first. It was freshly released when my friend handed me the CDs. I got 5.1 later from a magazine.
The book was The Revolution of the Ants by Bernard Werber. Linux is mentioned somewhere. It's a good book when you're a kid


couldnt afford windowz




But wasn't she using MacOS?


That didn't stop some guys from trying to replicate how the OS looked with BSD.


She used Copland OS.


File: 1586093331147.jpg (22.18 KB, 409x243, Lando6-2.jpg)

>Copland OS
Is that because she wants to cop Lando's ass?



File: 1586202394373.png (4.48 KB, 1049x517, fullpage.png)

You seem to have posted a broken site. This is all I get from your link.


> a good terminal kek

Same. The ability to make a setup to download videos with a program such as youtube-dl, hardcode subtitles with another tool and upload the videos to Google Drive with a single line using Bash pipes, or manage all installed packages using the terminal is what kept me on Linux. It's not as complex and hard to understand as powershell, you can easily figure out. And I don't feel like using WSL.


>And I don't feel like using WSL.
As someone who uses it for work - WSL is surprisingly non-awful. And having a decent shell and utilities around makes Windows much more tolerable.


The Godot (game engine) discord server had a room where people would post RMS memes. They also had the command .rms.

So one day I was curious and watched a talk of RMS.
And because I'm rational, I could see how objectively everything this man was saying made sense.

Became free a few weeks after. Never looked back. Best choice of my life.


Embrace, extend, and extinguish


We are already at the extend phase.




Web development, if I were to rely on containerization doing it on a dedicated OS would spare me a couple headaches.


File: 1604586621861.jpg (59.16 KB, 589x589, born_to_hug.jpg)

looked cool and i was a skiddie that wanted to learn eleet haxing


i was 12 windows got virus dad told me this one doesnt get virus(he was wrong)


What kind of virus did you get on GNU/Linux?




Windows 8. Bought a new laptop with win8, then was made unemployed. Lived in a micro apartment with only cold water and next door to a factory. Depression set in.

Decided F* it, win8 is a horror show. Had played with Linux before (dual booted Fedora at university / well meaning parents bought me the RedHatBible when I was in high school) and just went full Linux this time.

Haven't gone back since. Main issue these days is finding a place selling laptops (often refurbished) without a win license tacked onto the price. Still poor. But at least my pc does my bidding.


You can still very easily get adware in your browser tbh, anyone who thinks they're totally safe just because they're on linux are retarded

t. someone who gets adware from emulator downloads way too often


Look, we are not the ones downloading random shit from the net. Could it be that the retard is you?


File: 1605058093131.jpg (1.05 MB, 3167x2125, billvid.jpg)

>linusbottoms can't admit that linux isn't impenetrable

That why you're fat and alone and why Windows connoisseurs rule the world

Linux bitches get BTFO


I don't remember exactly why I got into linux.
I think I decided to set up a dual boot setup on my old laptop after reading about it on LifeHacker (I think). I didn't like it at first, but I did kind of like it. Now I can't imagine ever using Windows ever agoin.

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