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Is this true, was it really much more fun to use computers back in the days of mainframes?


This reminds me of https://ruzkuku.com/texts/counterfactual.html which you may enjoy.
When you try the thought experiment yourself (to have that mainframe persist to today), I think it would be fun.
Right now I'm trying to summon up some will to have fun - how absurd is that?
Signed up for neocities to try to make a website.

It's hard to say why it isn't fun anymore.
Perhaps because the creation is disjoint from reality (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cOBoDT-3oM0).
Most tech has minimal effect on my reality. I could accentuate that effect with enough mind altering.
It's hard to say whether or not someone is weak for wanting some back and forth conversation.

For now I'm trying to find solace in this comedy
Most people are hard to talk to anyway


I just feel so alone…


Well, holding close to the hearth of computing, let's simulate this thread as our mainframe room on campus
So, what are you working on?


im hoping op comes back to reply to u


Back then it was probably like getting an opportunity to drive a Lamborghini.


I am not really working on anything computer related, and we have a thread for that anyway: >>211

I just feel like I have nobody to discuss ideas with. If I post ideas online everyone expects them to be fully developed already and will do their best to demolish them and make me feel bad about myself for having had an idea, instead of helping to explore the idea and how it could be made to work.


File: 1642193135270.jpg (382.47 KB, 1798x1057, death-of-ceasar.jpg)

Yeah, it's a mutual feeling.

Music to fit the theme

It just shows time and time again how you have to rely on yourself to develop.
Maintaining cordiality and good faith is difficult with all of the psyops out there.

Frankly, every time I begin reaching out, there's this foreboding feeling of exposure and so I retreat again.
The Internet in the older eras was explicit about this exposure: don't reveal yourself.
Just us talking over this medium exposes us to the entire world of bad actors.
Furthermore, we don't have any mutual concept of one another, a base from which one can sculpt out what information to expose or omit
And that's fine, we're adhering to the old adage, don't expose yourself.

Yet ironically there is no real outlet left to forge yourself. To be known.
Due to the dissolution of family, perhaps

So in the advent of this, many have loosened on the original tenet, with their real faces plastered and it feels all so wrong.
Reality shows that there are so many prerequisites to even begin a discussion without screwing yourself over somehow, or making yourself feel worse through others' carelessness.
Royal families forged bonds through MARRIAGE. Consider that!
You may be looking for blood bond, where none can be found.

An inevitable conclusion I find is as follows:
1. Any idea you want to explore can be with adequate research and internal dialogue
2. The desire to expand an idea through serendipity of others is exceedingly hard for the yield you get.
You'll have more adequate yield just researching and thinking on your own.
3. The desire to be known, which is a partial drive in wanting to discuss ideas, is a desire that's remnant of an old era, or ought to be fulfilled through family.
For you can only be known through people you trust, and you can only trust those who share blood (or some other form of collateral) and ideals

Despite my conclusions above, one CAN be driven by compassion, the reason I've written all of this out.
So, if you have ideas, I can engage with compassion, but I don't want to mislead either of us in thinking we can trust – as it is the common trend to mistake compassion for trust.
A trend I've fallen into miserably many times.
Paranoia is the best default setting, although not too tightly – but maybe in the future I'll be paranoid enough to where I can't even write a post anymore


File: 1642699016562.jpeg (96.62 KB, 623x900, scientists.jpeg)

being two programmers working after hours on some non-specific calculation program… sounds romantic.


File: 1642704997085.png (319.13 KB, 682x399, intense-typing.png)


I thought of the romantic tension, and you have shown me that I had forgotten all about the sexual tension.


off the meds again


lol your name is fitting


I have a similar experience when discussing ideas. In the tech world it seems to be the goal of others to break the idea down as far as they can, maybe to seem smarter? Or they just genuinely don't think of the applications. I talked with a friend years ago about the iMacs that stand right up, how instead of needing to remove the screen to access the main board they should have designed it too slide out like one large card. He tried to associate this thought with a Nintendo Switch, his plan being that because he associated it with a Nintendo Switch he could discredit the idea as being dumb and childish, I really don't understand his thought process beyond that. It was annoying.


Can relate. Have interacted with certain types who suffer from that mindset and can end up shooting the messenger with unintentional friendly fire if presented with an idea that doesn't fit in nicely with their preconceived notions and of course autism is a thing.
>the iMacs that stand right up
Ugh… I've had to repair a few of those and like a lot of Apple gear they can be annoying to work with. Would have preferred access from the back panel, but would have settled for a main board sliding out. It's not like it would be impossible to implement a feature like that if done well. That even sounds like something Apple would have considered, since they have a certain way of building things because reasons. Wouldn't be surprised if there was some mid level engineer at the fruit factory that's still pissed off to this day because such a proposal was dismissed.


File: 1656266450526.jpg (76.99 KB, 621x495, Lonesome.jpg)

I feel exactly the same way, but I think what you said about the dissolution of family could be applied to communities too, a collection of people where every one is important to the whole someway or another. I've never felt like I belonged anywhere but in my clique of close friends ever since I was in high school, and most people now cling to groups so large that they really have no meaning in them or online "communities" where they are only bound together by some common interest.

Although I guess I might just be a schizoid who, after lurking on image boards like this for 7 years, hasn't posted a single thing. I have always considered myself to be an autodidact instead of socially awkward though. Mostly due to the fact that I do have my 'tribe' in real life. My close friends are a good way for me to share and flesh out my ideas, but they don't engage with me out of compassion, but interest in said topics and trust that we won't just call each other gay and end discussion there.

My 'tribe' I found to be the only outlet left to "forge yourself" guess having like minded friends in real life keeps me from posting on sites like these, where people like us, who are influenced by not exposing ourselves, are forced to learn on their own.
That being said these friends can only get me so far so I often do find myself having to develop my ideas by myself.

Despite everything you said about the thing you think is missing, I say that a real outlet to help define yourself does exist, granted that you may never be able to find it. Gather yourself some like minded people in the real world THEN you can chat with them online. That's the only way I've been able to start and maintain an online relationship of any sort. Put yourself into a program or go to some place regularly where you're forced to be around people and I'm sure you'll be able to find the people you're looking for.

Best of luck,

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