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Hi guys. I found this site time ago and i never knew whats up with the site it self. I mean there is something hidden in the site that i cant find by my self. But who made it? Im really interested in it. Let me know!! C:



This is the site. Sorry i forgot to link it…


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If you think there's something hidden there try poking around it with the inspector. There won't be though, it's another neocities cyberpunk aesthetic site and without knowing the specifics of it you can tell it's a riff on fauux's site.


If I remember correctly it was actually made by fauux.


>>1042 That explains it then.


Yeah it probably is. But still. There is some enigma around it. If someone already did some work it would be great to share it :)


>>1044 I'm not sure what you expect to find, there really isn't much of an enigma if you've looked at his other stuff. If you explore a bit it's another lainblog/artblog but this time with some more creative writing thrown in. Same faux login as https://fauux.neocities.org/ .


Try going in the login page and click F12. See by yourself.



check the source, there are commented dropbox links of course, fauux loves botnet with encrypted rars and other shit all over the site



" Reddit: catlover5299 - 1 year ago
Here's a discord for better discussion; https://discord.gg/KRpMtX4 "

If you actually tango with that discord spyware, then it appears they are still active in trying to solve these sites.


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Thankyou so much i was searching for something like this C:

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