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File: 1544078805767.png (3.85 MB, 1935x3241, 1-thing-collaged-4-r.png)


Do you make art, Wirechan? Post your stuff, discuss how to get better, talk about projects, influences, all things related.
And if you dont do art, you should try it- Really, there are many methods, drawing isnt the only one, and even then, there are interesting beginner friendly games to play in that field.

I made this. I want to make a comic out of this atmosphere and aesthetic. Its quite hard to beat my stupid perfectionism when it comes to attempting to construct the narrative, though.
i had to resize this fucking image four times for it to fit the upload size cap.


Ooooo I like this. I don't do any kind of art though, I'd love to draw or something, but I'm terrible at it.

How many pages have you completed so far for this comic of yours?


File: 1545333038251.png (3.07 MB, 4187x2500, checkerboard CUT.png)

Hey, its okay to be terrible. Youre not supposed to be good at that just by being born.
I have quite a few illustrations done, but they're all out of order, so its not readable. I face this problem that i keep switching projects all the time. I was working on this, and now I'm also working on something else… and if the cycles continue, I will once again switch to another project before finishing either of the current ones.
Man, this shit is hard.
But its also pretty satisfying, so its fine.


Wow that's cool, how did you make this? What's your though process when working on art?


File: 1546570934344.png (112.21 KB, 1200x900, thebotsandthebees.png)


File: 1546663285164.png (3.18 MB, 1700x1133, glits3 copy.png)

I like to make this kind of mandala stuff and glitch art.


Good Job.


Drawing is a skill just like any other. Start practising and in a couple years you can do draw nice waifus, cyberpunk cityscapes or whatever you are interested in.


This is nice work. Would you be willing to post one of your glitch pieces?


File: 1556203249404.gif (3.62 MB, 400x400, moshymoshy.gif)

Thanks. I don't really have much, here's some random gif from last year.


Hey, thanks for posting.


Thanks for your interest. Here, have a little video I finally finished:


File: 1557343582016.png (14.85 KB, 640x360, THE_LAIN0000.png)

I enjoy oekaki and pixel art but I'm not very good at line art so I start blocking in shapes and adjust them until it looks somewhat alright. Someone requested [bold]THE LAIN[/bold] on another board so I gave them [bold]THE LAIN[/bold].


Give it to me baby!

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