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drop a comfy webm! show you are all alive!
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I decided this board needs a new thread, soo here is /dyc/ draw your comfiest. Draw where you want to be or where you feel comfy, rating and hating allowed, i think.
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Relaxing the body

How do I completely relax my body? I did one of these "body scan" meditations but no matter what I couldn't let the tension go in a few parts of my body, most notably the legs.
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What's making you feel comfy today, wirechan?
R: 20 / I: 7

"I Wish I Was There" Thread

ITT: Places you wish you were at right now.
R: 42 / I: 17
Do you make art, Wirechan? Post your stuff, discuss how to get better, talk about projects, influences, all things related.
And if you dont do art, you should try it- Really, there are many methods, drawing isnt the only one, and even then, there are interesting beginner friendly games to play in that field.

I made this. I want to make a comic out of this atmosphere and aesthetic. Its quite hard to beat my stupid perfectionism when it comes to attempting to construct the narrative, though.
i had to resize this fucking image four times for it to fit the upload size cap.
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Official Gondola Thread - /OGT/

Hello, we need a gondola thread here so i thought i should make one.

Gonna dump some gondolas now
R: 19 / I: 3

New radio i made


Hey i made a new radio,this time with a comfy thingy and more songs. please enjoy
R: 18 / I: 17
I'm very upset, please post some comfy stuff in this thread to cheer me up.
R: 16 / I: 4


Hey, me and other people from less populated chans are making an art zine focusing on manga, containing also illustrations, photography, short stories and poems. We'll also probably include some digital goodies like music, all OC by the contributors. If you're interested in reading it when it gets released, or you draw comics and want to contribute, check out our site at https://mtk538.neocities.org/blackfogzine.html
atm we're full for issue #1 except for comics, because it's never enough, and we don't rly swim in manga submissions
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Merorin was here.
Merorin.com extends a hand of papal evangelical brotherhood.
You guys are alright.
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made a radio bcz i was bored

it has a chat a link to my booru and more to come. its just a place for me to experiment. https://narasuradio.neocities.org/
i know i kinda used stuff from the lainchan site lel but i was bored one day lol and im lazy atm
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Made a booru

I made a booru.. if you guys wanna post some shit there i guess lol Narasuchan.booru.org
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how can we make this imageboard more active?

here is a comfy wallpaper for you
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I wanted to create a comfy place

Hello guys! I recently got myself involved in web development and stuff and I gotta say I really like it a lot! So I tried creating an imageboard, don't expect much from it tho, I just wanted a small, comfy and relaxed place, I hope you will give me advices on how to improve it, thanks!
Sorry if it's not the right board. <3

R: 3 / I: 1

Mercy's Jukebox

Hey everyone it's wonderful to meet you all! i'm a small-time music maker and DJ and i heard about wirechan from my other lainist friends and thought id make a warm entrance!,

Heres an awesome selection of music thats great to chill and get cozy to,

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Gondola Discord Server

Hello Wirechan!

Today I share with you a link to a very comfy gondola-centric server. Its inhabitants are very mature and nice, so please follow in their footsteps. Enjoy!
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>Call of Duty WWII is the perfect example of how nostalgia is crippling gaming

Does he have a point, /cf/?
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Multimedia is locked or sumfink

This is a good and nice video.
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Welcome to comfy

Howdy everyone, welcome to /cf/ a place to chill out and get comfy. How you choose to get comfy is up to you, whether its looking at gifs, watching webms, or looking at pictures, all are acceptable here. Post all your comfy things here, cuddle up, get warm, and have a great time.