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What are some other lain-esque boards other than the obvious ones?


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there are none.
i hope this cat suffices.


If there are any, they'll be up at 9854.moe soon(ish).


why can't i fullscreen youtube videos?


stop shillin faggot


It's literally an affiliate of the group behind this site.


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Ssh ibs like bit@whisper.onthewifi.com or einchan (down last time I checked) aren't strictly lain-esque, but they usually carry the same atmosphere
>3 month later
>LANTIS is not able to connect to the ACR datacenter. A short-term outage or a connection fault could cause this. Please contact us immediately if this persists.


He gave it up. I spoke too soon.


File: 1553479770698.png (60.63 KB, 326x198, Cassette[30].png)

telnet wingee.dyndns.org 8763


>sending my posts in plaintext


Why would you ever use telnet over SSH in this day and time?


does anyone know this site's link?

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