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How's anyone who may be passing by this thread doing?Seems like much hasn't went on. I really hope this place doesn't die.


I'm doing well thank you.Not much activity, outside of a thread in /cy/ that I refuse to let go of.Nothing really dies in the Wired, it's only forgotten.


>>791That's good, and that's true.So, how long have you been here? Also you wouldn't happen to be the owner would you?


nope. I did chat to the designer/programmer on a couple occasions.I'm also back after 4 months. I don't post super often, but I try to update on here as it's easier than keeping up with social media.


>>803Yeah, I pretty much gave up on social media.Plus it's not very fun when you post something and your entire family tries to keep tabs on you and asks you what does this stuff mean? What is this? And taking anything extremely literal.


I'm still here.


I have been looking for comfy musics to disassociate too.>>789don't worry OP you've got ONE (1) New poster.


>>852What PC-98 game is that?


>>855Possessioner I thinkI've only looked at a lot of the art from it,I think once i'm in an old persons home I'm just going to get fed apple sauce by wageslave stacies and play old japanese games.

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