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What have you been doing since mebious.co.uk went to shit and mebio.us went down?I still occasionally go to mebby and read the background image as it still changes waiting for the day I can post again. Honestly I miss being able to use mebby, there was a certain charm in its form of anon posting that kept me coming back for more.


I'm lost out of mebispace.


Just who was the spammer anyways? How do you even combat the spam? Using some sort of filter? How long until the background image is permanently affected by the spam? I wonder if the admin stopped new messages from appearing in the background as that would kinda ruin the aesthetic of the site.


>How do you even combat the spam? Using some sort of filter?You could use some filter for sure; .us did and it worked fine.


>>762it didnt work well enough; the spammer was dedicated to still manually post daily, and so that filth still had to watched for and cleaned up.


I remember an active guestbook on radioclub.jp a few years ago. Seems like someone is taking care of the website and even changes it's themes. They even had some sort of radio talk show back then, hadn't had a chance to listen it though.


I miss mebious as a place i could share vague, disconnected, ephemeral and anonymous thoughts. I don't think i know anywhere else where that sort of thing fits in. there's a quiet intimacy in it all, ne? the balance of closeness and distance is really special. I hope it comes back soon. I miss having somewhere you can just say little things.


There was talk of running mebio.us on arisuchan.jp, but idk if anything came of it.

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