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Hop in to our IRC channel! #wirechan@rizon.net


How are you guys?


i'm good anon!! glad we have somewhere new to talk


pretty good. kinda hungry.


ate some ice cream, feelsgood


not wallowing in misery today


pretty good :)


This is start of something beautiful I'm sure


I feel kind of shitty


OP is yapple


>>402Drink some vodka, it helps


I'm feeling pretty damn good, which is unlike me! Here's hoping it lasts more than a few hours.


>>555 nice trips! glad to hear things are looking up for you ^-^


depressed now honestlyrelationships & liking people is hard and i feel like its a big waste of time.


>>7Just discovered this place.


>>574it's mostly dead, sadly. we need advertising or something.but how to not attract the thots?


>>575Nah, people will eventually come. Just give it time.I mean I found it just today.


I feel like dying, but that's normal. So I guess I am doing ok


I is doing well


Feeling isolated as usual.Finding this place made me want to work on a few projects I've been yearning to start.

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