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What are some of your predictions for what may happen during this year?


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for the average person every single moment of 2024 is going to be worse than 2023. So imagine 2023 again but worse and normie dipshits getting increasingly belligerent and unhinged when any of this is pointed out.
for me everything is going to be beautiful and warm.


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A couple economic and political crises. The size of which will be what differentiates it from all the crises filled years we've had before.


Wirechan will become popular on TikTok and will be flooded with teenage girls.


in your dreams fella


I'm praying


It's gonna be lit.


I'd personally leave and never come back if anything like that would happen. Anything that a flood of normals touch ends up dead or an extreme former shell of it's previous form.


Wirechan is already a shell of it's former self.


That's true, I was here when it was new. Randomly thinking of previous things on here. Does anyone else remember when RALee.org was part of the affiliates? What ended up happening to that place?


I don't know the real details but it had zero activity for a long time. A fairly dignified death for a forum, it just quietly passed away, at least it never had to go through what Wirechan's going through now. It seems like the hosts site is still up, but again not updated in a long time.


>Hasn't updated since March of 2022
Did he die?


I think it's gonna suck for the tech industry, and the privileged position of software engineering as a free ticket to the middle class is slowly coming to an end

Also, I think imageboards will continue to die even more than they already have, completely declining into millenial nostalgia


>imageboards will continue to die even more than they already have
It's getting extremely grim. I've been checking out tons and tons of IBs through a couple of lists such as chan.city and a json file that I came across from github. So many are dead links, dead boards that are inactive, spammed with content that makes you back the fuck up faster than a white girl walking alone in Harlem, and just slow as shit. An imageboard doesn't have to be fast but not only are these boards slow as shit the quality doesn't even make up for the invested time to even care anymore. I think most of us are stuck on imageboard loops simply due to ritualistic nature and the fact we literally have nowhere else to go online. Not sure how many are in a similar position as myself but I gave up social media over a decade ago, gave up cell phone use after 2016, attempted to try out Discord in 2017 only to find it absolutely dogshit and eventually left by 2019, and can't even find a solid dedicated forum that isn't plagued with problems or a cringefest of people you can't even relate to anyways. I've even found myself having harder times bothering with IRC as well only getting on within time frames to not lose my registered nick, etc. I'm starting to question if I even want to spend time sitting on my computer anymore.


>I'm starting to question if I even want to spend time sitting on my computer anymore.
No you don't. You absolutely don't.




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hopefully not, war is not nice.


the destruction of this rotten world will be very much beautiful


i have an ongoing bet about the combat performance of the su-57 vs the f-35
i'm glad it'll finally be settled


anon you are not wrong, i feel you .
but i also feel there is hope at the end of this tunnel, i see IRC has had a resurgence not the old servers but new servers popping up, its true the internet has had its fair share of enshittification and its beyond saving at this point. we need a new Internet a new place, better designed from the ground up,
I have been looking and the time is ripe for my search to be over soon i sincerely hope it happens soon, or its all over.

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