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ITT Post whatever you want off you chest.Tell us how you really feel anon


I'll start: I was browsing 8chan for the first time in years kinda seriously. I went to a thread on /waifuist/ (I still don't know wtf the point of that board is but w/e) and I scroll on the first thread about something like "Post summer qts" and JESUS FUCK WHAT DO I SEE? I see a young child not older than probably 12 years of age walking on a beach not wearing a bra.I insta noped out and am not going there again


>>5998chan has turned to shit.


>>603afaik always has been, but I thought I wouldn't see shit like that


>>599You're kind of a pussy, aren't you?


I'm still not used to seeing the titles on here.>Let stuff off you...I guess I'm just morbidly depressed.>>5998chan just hasn't been the same after Jim nuked /hebe/.>>610It was supposedly good before and during the exodus.


>>598I'm always hungry and thankfully I have my weight controlled but losing it's the problem, My sense of humor is dry but friendly, I feel like a friendly NPC created to keep my parents alive while I struggle with not liking much at all in this life.>>603I'd say the /pol/ posters are the worst for me, the white race bro!, dude HITLER!Feels like a bunch of 12 y/o's using national pride to cover their lack of personal pride.>>599Out of all the dismemberment, literal shit posting, animal torture webm's undeveloped titties drew the line?

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