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Can't access Steam because reasons, yet people have commented on my profile proclaiming they miss me. I wish I could reach out to them so they know I'm not dead but I have no way of doing so. Sucks


i'll netplay games with you anon <3


The problem is I'm using Windows RT. No games


Literally only games I can play are online visual novels on asenheim


Wow holy shit I found a way, and it was pretty obvious god dam am I a foolDelet this pls


>>590We'll if you just simply need people to talk to. I'm here as well as these other fine anons.


>>604Is good, I found a way


>>611You got your Steam back? I can't presume what happened but you get two-factor security on it


>>611Oh I see how it is, don't want to talk to me.


>>616nah it's cool anon. Sorry if that came off as rude


>>612Nah I found another way, I used to converse with one of them on Discord and remembered you can just create another account if you have the invite link.Took me a while to find it though


>>619That's okay, I've just been sitting here munching on a giant bag of mini reeses that was give to me by someone who got it from the factory. Probably just gained about 12 pounds and now have type-2 diabetes.




>>628I have no self-control.


>>629HA, me either.


Like a ghost


File: 1517839693450.jpg (307.99 KB, 781x584, 20180130_103833.jpg)

That reminds me of the time my friend and I tried playing some 16bit 2D game and his computer overheated and it started to lag. I never saw something so depressing and yet I felt sympathy toward that old machine.

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