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Does anyone know if Grimchan is officially dead? I hope not, but all the boards have been locked for quite awhile. Is it just maintenance?


Unity here. Nobody told me anything about this.

We had an insanely bad spam flood that wiped every single board. Commenting upon it in the news page was egging them on. I opted to lock the site for a week. I quickly disabled the board lock and didn't receive any emails about site issues after that. I had simply assumed we'd lost users from the raid.

I've now discovered that there is a bug in tinyboard's board lock boolean. No matter how you set it–true or false–as long as the option exists in the instance config, it will always lock all boards. For any other administrators reading this, please comment out the option entirely after you are ready to unlock.


Unity the GOAT! Fr fr ong!


Thanks for responding Unity. I appreciate it. I'd like to get posting and revive the community so if we can get things running that'd be great. I not a tech guy but I can try to help. Also, I would recommend adding a contact feature to the site as when the board is down/locked there is no way to speak with admins.


I have my email on the rules page. I do have to get rid of the twitter link at the top of the page though as that account no longer exists.

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