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Favorite video game genre?Favorite video game?Traditional gaming or video gaming?Making games or playing games?


>>507>Favorite video game genre?JRPG>Favorite video game?Galaga (NES version)>Traditional gaming or video gaming?Both, but video games are funner.>Making games or playing games?Both, but most games are better than mine.


>>507>Favorite video game genre?RPG>Favorite video game?2007 Runescape>Traditional gaming or video gaming?vidya>Making games or playing games?Playing, i suck at programming




>>507> Fave video game genreFPS>Fave video gameDeus Ex>Trad gaming or vidya?vidya>Making games or playing?playing


>Favorite video game genre?openworld RPG>Favorite video game?On days like these, kids like you should be burning in Hell.>Traditional gaming or video gaming?I love both>Making games or playing games?making is rather fun


>Favorite video game genre?Arena FPS>Favorite video game?Half-Life 1 or UT99>Traditional gaming or video gaming?Vidya, I don't want to see y'all IRL>Making games or playing games?I am a stupid retard, so I can't really imagine making a game ever. So playing

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