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I just want to feel real.
This doesn't even seem real.
Everything is a hologram.
Everything is pixelated, and glittery.
Sometimes I think things seemed more real?
I'm not sure though.
Maybe its a dream.
Maybe ill wake up someday.
Maybe if i die ill wake up.


I was gunna put a different picture of Plant but I accidentally clicked this one.


just delete this fuck


Get something real that you have to care about. Like a plant.


what happened to your blog?


yea i should get a plant idk if it would be to safe where i stay tho, like some sort of cactus. Or maybe a little mouse i can put in my pocket haha pocket mouse. maybe thats not a good idea. I threw soome bread out of my lair today and some little birbs came to eat it that was nice birbs are nice. i think that if reincaration were real i would become a birb in my new life so i could fly like in my dreams.
this is my blog


sometimes I just stare at a building or patch of grass until I can appreciate how real it looks. Things that are brightly lit by the sun look especially real.


Embrace artificiality, embrace the virtual,
no body, no organ, no gender, no class,
you can be whatever you want, you can
do whatever you want


Do not do this, the reason why you feel the way you are is probably because off the mis use of tech, the farther away you stray from your humanity the sader you will become, yoh can have any thing and be any thing you want except being naturally happy when you follow that path, you can be chemically happy though, like heroin.

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