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you ever tried dating on imageboards?

it is a new level of pathetic, but the lows that you reach can be incredibly deep


Dating goes two ways. The way I see it, I would never want to date someone who tries to find love on an imageboard anyways. Nothing against those people, I'm just not one and I don't want to be with one. If I got to that point, I would just have to settle for being alone.


File: 1672793935596.jpg (61.03 KB, 212x302, wolf.jpg)

I used to believe that way as well, until someone added me from some thread where I left my handle and. Well I experienced love for the first time. I wasn't even searching for it, it just kinda happened.
It was sweet, very very sweet. Like ice cream, but I was too insecure and avoidant so that jynxed it.
This led me to want a repeat of that, but sadly, let's just say I screwed up bigly


For a lot of people, I'm sure it works, and I'm very supportive of those people. But in my past, I've experienced love in person, and I just can't go back to online after that. It kind of sucks, because I've had the opportunity to date online, but I just can't. I need to touch my partner (in sexual and non-sexual ways).


Idk post tits then we can figure out from there


any relationships with a significant other is wrong


post da boobies

But on a serious note back in teh days lots of people found love on 4 chin, there was famous story about some guy and his gf bonding ove the liek mudkip meme, i think people still do but its trannies getting groomed and junkies with nothing to lose, things like that.


No, but sometimes I wish I could do it. I'd love to find a boyfriend-free-girl who could be my mommy gf.


I have done some pretty dumb things that should have killed me over my life, but dating someone from an image board is something I would never consider.


The only gf I ever had, I have met through an imageboard related chat room. Does that count? It was like a decade ago, I don't think it could happen again.


The closest I might get would be meeting a friend in an image board that slowly became more than friends. This would be a very unique thing from me, though. I don't really trust strangers on the internet and it would require to IB users to de-anonymize themselves. I try not to date around, it feels desperate. I just let what happens happen.


Chances are that if you're a woman(real) you're probably crazy
If you're a woman(fake) you are also probably crazy
And if you are a boy you are probably crazy

Ill give it 73% crazy chances 24% junkie chances 3% normal person.


File: 1672881417617.jpg (48.73 KB, 292x256, 1617384498484.jpg)

Why does everyone presume I'm a woman?
You're crazy


Because only women would be retarded enough to try to find love(trauma bond) with imageboard people.

If a dude does that he is one stubbed toe away from sudoku attempts.


Are there even any real girls on wirechan? If so, are you a boyfriend-free-girl?


File: 1672934041570.jpg (270.12 KB, 1271x1271, i-say-we-take-off-and-nuke….jpg)


The picture


File: 1672988698447.png (252.46 KB, 556x442, marisa bwuh.png)

no dammit i am not a female
if i was i wouldn't be "crying" of loneliness and resorting to this shit


What does one thing has to do with the other


Women are always telepathically connected to the hive mind, so they never feel alone. :)


I have observed this to be true.


File: 1673109997614.gif (2.36 MB, 512x512, 1638837976762.gif)

would women take a stab on a friend of theirs if it meant getting someone they want?
now, make that someone an absolute loser, would women actually do something like that for someone like that?
no but men don't fret an eye i tell you


>would women actually do something like that for someone like that?
they certainly wouldn't do it FOR someone though they might do it for themselves


File: 1673678536801.png (109.69 KB, 640x480, fdart.png)

Post DA boobies.


File: 1673683000904.gif (14.58 KB, 700x500, 1617212466748.gif)

i am not a woman
jesus christ can't you read the threaaad?!?!?
fuck me man what the hell


>i am not a woman
don't care, what kind of person are you looking for?


File: 1673706925254.png (379.75 KB, 945x1500, 1663289092885281.png)

Just someone i can play vidya with, have VCs, with, and that is always there (replies somewhat quickly)
I'm too clingy and whenever women are on the other side of the screen i just completely lose it. I am awful at dealing with them.


Thats not dating you just want friends


Would you have sleepcalls with a friend?



Dating implies someone is getting pounded.


you can always have sex through voice chat


Thats not sex thats just pretending to have sex while masturbating with someone else. You can get that by watching camgirls.


File: 1673838659869.gif (1.63 MB, 506x300, 1664843132827173.gif)

You really are a dense motherfucker aren't you?


Yes, can you explain it to me where are the innacuracies?


You're the one trying to simulate the most sacred human bonding experience with weirdos on the internet. Maybe you you could've just naturally reached your goal in a positive manner in real life, but the lows that you reach can be incredibly deep when you're that dense.


Insensitive fucks, you got no idea.


No idea of what?


You're the one trying to simulate sensations with weirdos on the internet.
I will keep 100 with you, go outside, meet somebody in the real world, real bonds, real life, there is nothing for you in the wired, thats not what its for.


File: 1673957277983.gif (1.47 MB, 200x146, 200w.gif)



File: 1673957507833.jpg (28.68 KB, 290x290, 1636298763168.jpg)

You think it's weirdos on the internet but truth is these people are also lonely as fuck


Yes weirdos tend to to be lonely as fuck, mostly because of the fact that nobody wants to be around them because they are fucking weirdos.
Am I missing something here?


Weirdos + Weirdos then shouldn't be an issue now wouldn't it?
If some weirdo tried to be around regular people it'd just be annoying


I talk to e-girls, but that's about it.


It wouldn't be an issue it would just be funny. Weirdos are alone for a reason, and those reasons usually are negative traits that come to clash with each other.
But that not my point, what you are looking for is friendship and companionship, not dating, and a simulated, irreal and ultimately sterile and less than form of the real thing.

Go outside, turn it off.

If you do find a tard though make sure you record your interactions and post here for our amusement, it might be lulz


I wonder what kind of place people who say "go outside" live, I go out almost every day and only ever talk to stray cats. Do you just go for a stroll around the block and random people just come up to you and start chatting? That sounds fucking weird.


idk about dating, but I completely support making friends over the Internet. I know some people who aren't fortunate enough to live near friendly people. Others like to have niche interests. In high school I really wanted to meet other computer people, but in a school of 2,000 people, I found out I was the only linux user.

I don't think talking to people online correlates that strongly with weirdness



No, you have your hobbies, the things you do, you go to the gym, the game shop, the basketball court, the skateboard park, the soccer field, the arcade, the book club, the anime club etc.
You're bound to find similar people with similar interests like the ones you have.

>niche interests

This is the only reason someone would do it, but even then in most of these cases people will try to have meet ups as frequently as possible, thats literally how anime conventions in the 80s started, and that was by hand written letters mostly no fancy real time talk, and those are where the most cherished memories, cool pictures, a tangible cultural zeitgeist, real sex and "real" friendships come from, yeah you can talk to people through a screen but nothing will ever substitute real human interaction and adventures.

>I don't think talking to people online correlates that strongly with weirdness

It doesn't everybody does, most people nowadays do, but the average person doesn't see somebody who "slid on their dms" as a real friend unless you actually hang out often, only desperate weirdos do that.


You ever tried dating in real life?


its not considered dating unless you are meeting each other irl. are you capable and willing to moveif you connected with someone from an imageboard that is far away?

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