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what to do when I have feds trying to play with my head?
there's zero dirt on me, I just find it annoying


Shut out the internet (it is not real) , avoid state altering substances, remove any and all bugs (the devices not actual insects) in your residence, avoid advertisements, do not consoom.
Bottom left guy has midget arms lmao


Post your face pic i can help it shroud it with digital nanomachines



I have to tell you i dont know how long this post is gonna stay up i am you from the future i need you too look out the window, dont make it obvious they are monitoring your every movement, keep your head facing forward, you cannot trust them, only one truly cares but he can and will be persuaded by money, head west and meet the wolf eyes they will provide mental cloaks in exchange for a favor, after that take the necklace it will help in your journeys, DO NOT LOSE IT it will resent you if you do and join their efforts, if this works this post should reach you in 5 seconds, do not make the same mistakes i did i am counting on you.


Read between the lines, vertical movement


part 2
…if you catch a girl mirin' an you have eye contact for over 5 seconds, you can't break it. You have to radiate dominance, or else they will KNOW. If she comes to you because you stared at her, it's very likely that you are facing a shit test. Do not excuse yourself. Portray dominance and call her an ugly slut


fake and gay


look in the mirror


Be cool man, if you look nervous they'll know you're on to them.

A trick I learned is to carry something. Always. If you're carrying some papers, coffee mug, small shopping bag… it looks like you are going to or coming from somewhere even if you aren't.


watch out

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